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    WTB BMS pedal tuner

    Message me with pics and price. Thx
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    FS: Golf R Accessport

    Cleaning out the closet, and have a Golf R accessport with OTS Cobb maps. All original accessories included (see pics)- unmarried ready to go. Does not have DSG tune, just ECU. $500 shipped plus PayPal fee
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    SOLD Cobb AP with stage 2 EQT pops/bangs

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    Sold please delete

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    Sold please delete

    Includes case, box, cables, window mount and 2 faceplates. Has been unmarried. Includes OTS Cobb tunes + TCU mapping as well Pictures to be posted later today. $800 shipped, PayPal fee on buyer
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    Fs- cobb AP for Golf R

    Unmarried with box and accessories. Does not have TCU tune, base Cobb maps only. $490 plus PayPal fee. Shipping adds $10
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    WTB mk7 gti spoiler extension

    Which are you looking for? I have an Aerofabb and am out in DSM
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    Clubsport S muffler

    Sounds insane. With stock dp it has a perfect balance of aggressive tone when you’re on it but no drone. When I added Dp, it’s really loud and I’m probably gonna swap back to stock cause there is drone at highway speed. It’s really loud with both
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    Just a heads up on some good new tires cheap.

    Last time I bought some Pirellis from simple they were four years old (also clearance sale) No problem at all given they were properly stored. Tire shop said they’ll mount up to 10 years, and with a summer, I’ll be happy to run them for just over a year lol
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    Obsessed Garage.

    Used to be apart of his FB group until it got out of hand.
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    SOLD (please remove): 2017 GTI Sport - White - DSG - 29k miles - DFW Texas

    More pics for sure. Also post locally on CL?
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    WTT- My CSS muffler for Stock axle back

    pm pm incoming
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    WTT- My CSS muffler for Stock axle back

    Should have clarified. I have the CSS muffler currently, wanting to trade for stock
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    WTT- My CSS muffler for Stock axle back

    Looking for someone in the Midwest (IA, NE, IL, MN, MO) to swap exhaust + cash. Muffler has around 12k on it, no scratches on the tips. Will have pics this weekend after car is cleaned Edit: I have a CSS muffler, want to trade for stock + cash
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    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    damn, son, that is insane! Did you go thru Gio?
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    FS - [Miami] JB4 with Bluetooth Connect $390 shipped

    are you just lowballing everyone with one for sale?
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    Pacific German? Lol I’d highly recommend emmanuele design in Anaheim. Super nice guy and very knowledgeable. Also metric in Huntington is legit
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    S2T dsg paddles group buy

    Definitely not the same. Had them on my mk6 and the fit and quality is 1000x better.
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    Recycling Used Tires

    if they have any wear left on them, try calling a used tire shop. Have gotten $20 for a set that was pretty shot before.
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    Better downpipe options?

    Totally disagree. My mk5 with Billyboat downpipe and res delete sounded mental. Will try to find soundclip