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    ISO/Spotted in Vermont: Black Mk7 GTI/R on Spear St Regularly

    Excellent! Good to meet you! Sent you a PM!
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    ISO/Spotted in Vermont: Black Mk7 GTI/R on Spear St Regularly

    Looking to see if the owner of a Mk7 GTI/R that travels Spear St (specifically lower Spear in Shelburne/Charlotte) nightly is on this forum. The car clearly has a burble overrun tune as I can hear the car coming for at least a mile or two (enough time for me to run to the window as it drives by...
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    Vermont Shops for Clutch and RMS install

    Hey! Fellow Vermonter from the area. You could reach out to Sterling Motorwerks which is out behind the Burlington Airport. They were started by the head VW and Audi mechanics from Lewis Auto (now Shearer). They are my go to for PPIs when buying/selling vehicles, but I've never had any major...
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    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    I'm not hating the new spoiler directly, but what gets me more is the rounding of the back half of the roof line. It just a Q3 on racing wheels. And the hood also looks much longer than my Mk7.5. Maybe I just like a more boxy cut in my cars, but as someone else mentioned...
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    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    We should also talk about the removal of the washer fluid sensor... I was stunned to find mid-winter while driving that I ran out of fluid completely and had no forewarning. (2019 Golf R 6MT)
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    my new to me 2018 Golf R

    Congrats on the upgrade! I agree with @sterkrazzy's response. I also have a manual, so I can't comment specifically, but I know this can be defeated. Regarding the car pulling, I had this same issue and it was due to the lane keep assist. I usually drive on non-highways and the feature was...
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    black or white with black pretorias

    I have black with black Pretorias. It's not my first choice (was my only choice actually), but white cars just aren't for me. I like the white with black look a lot, but for a black car I like a lighter color wheel.
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    Good Golf R Deals ATM

    Ouch. Is the sales tax/doc fees that high in that area? I bought my 6MT in Vermont on 7/29/19 for $39k. $128 TTR $245 Doc Fee $895 Dealer Included (Forced) Accessories $41,959 MSRP $41,727 OTD
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    WTB: D-Dock w/ Lightning cable

    Interested in a D-Dock lightning option for anyone that might be interested in selling. Located in Vermont. Thanks!
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    OEM Rear Seat Cover meh. BMW OEM cover option.

    I'm new to the VW forums as a recent purchaser of a 2019 Golf R. Part of my purchase negotiation was to include an OEM rear seat cover. Upon receiving the cover I was disappointed with it's construction having just come from the BMW E90 generation where they offer an amazing (and expensive)...