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    Long crank on cold engine 1.6 tdi

    Golf mk7 1.6 tdi 105 bhp 2014. I have recently noticed that in the morning or after e few hours of not using golf it takes more or less from 3-5 sec to start the engine. After that i can run the car as many times as I want and it starts right away. No errors on vcds. My battery has been...
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    At what temp. you get worm air

    In my golf 4 when set to 22-23 celcius I get worm air after a few minutes. In my golf7 when set to 23 air is cold even if engine collant reaches 90 degrees. But when I change to 25 worm/hot air goes out from vents. Isn't it a bit strange? When set above 25 very hot air goes out. Can You tell me...