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    SOLD: Android Radio PX5, Dasaita HA5207-V600

    is this still available? overall what are your thoughts on the unit? conflicted on whether or not its worth it over MIB1
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    FS: 10 Spoke Audi wheels with 225/45/17 tires

    bump. flexible on price
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    FS: 10 Spoke Audi wheels with 225/45/17 tires

    they clear my brakes with Performance Pack. I believe golf R are the same size.
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    FS: 10 Spoke Audi wheels with 225/45/17 tires

    Selling a set of Audi 10 spoke wheels. Was on my MK7 GTI. Will fit most VW/Audi models. Currently have the VW center caps but Audi ones available as well. All 4 wheels have some curbing but nothing major. Wrapped in Michelin All season tires. Specs bellow. 600 or best offer. Located in...
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    FS: Driver Gear Lowering Springs

    Have a set of Driver Gear Lowering Springs for sale. Fronts are currently in the full strut assembly. Can remove if needed. rears are just the springs. Looking for 200 shipped or best offer. Located in Cincinnati, OH.
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    Fs: 18" Alzor Wheels and tires

    If you are making a trip up to Cincinnati let me know!!
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    Bilstein B8 Struts

    Still available? Interested in shipping?
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    Delete: Stock Shocks/Struts (GTI or Golf R)

    Not to steal your thread… but I am also looking for stock setup if anyone has a set to get rid of!
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    VAS 5054 & D-Link Dub E100 Network Adapter Rental

    Any connections to someone that can do the coding in USA? Thanks in advance!
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    Rear View Mirror

    does the steering wheel cover need to be stitched?