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  1. Daks

    That Powerflex insert...

    Not a great thing. I've had it now for around three months - meh. The vibration is uncomfortable, especially in reverse. I'm thinking of changing my idling rev a few hundred RPM's higher in VCDS to accommodate for it. The upside - meh. Again, not really great. Would I do it again, no. I have BFI...
  2. Daks

    Which turbo is this? Seems like a great deal.
  3. Daks

    Check out buddy in the Audi bang gears

  4. Daks

    Dome light issue

    I have the "door" button depressed for the dome lights to come on when I open the door. Except only the drivers side door comes on - passenger does not. The bulb is not burnt as I can turn it on if I directly press the button for the passenger dome light. Anyone have this issue before?
  5. Daks

    What's the thought on Mabotech Hybrids

    Not much out there on them Anyone running one?
  6. Daks

    I think I'm going to go see this car Discuss.
  7. Daks

    TPC Ball Bearing IS38

    Looks like an IS38+ TPC now offers the popular IS38 turbo in a ball bearing version. Not only have we removed the horrible IHI bearing system and replaced it with a Garrett style bearing system but we also...
  8. Daks

    What's the take on best dampers to replace stock DCC with stock springs

    Mine are going to be up soon - what's everyone's opinion.
  9. Daks

    What's the thought on intercooler hoses?

    I'm running the stock ones, and when I was under the car doing the dogbone the other day, they looked kinda beat. Any real advantage to upgrading - and if so, what are the preferred choices?
  10. Daks

    Pairing a cat-back to a downpipe

    Presently I'm running a unitronic DP - there is a local selling a non resonated Milltek catback, which I am considering. The downpipe is 3" and came with a reducer for the stock catback. The Milltek unit is 3", and my assumption is that I will not need anything else outside of some sort of band...
  11. Daks

    How is your COBB mounted?

    Looking at options of mounting mine. I saw this: But with shipping and duties to Canada it ends up being stupid expensive for what it is.
  12. Daks


    Wouldn't mind more of a "stanced" look. What spacers would you recommend?
  13. Daks

    I went up against a mustang that had an Orange/Red snake on the back

    Last night, saw him in front, dropped a couple of gears and caught up, was in 4th around 4000 (sweet spot), we both punched it around the same time, I approached red line in fourth and we both let off. He ended up being two or so car lengths in front. I thought it would be more. His car sounded...
  14. Daks

    Can you re-use bolts for engine and transmission mounts

    Can you, or do you need new ones?
  15. Daks

    What's the feedback on Miltek resonated systems?

    Have an opportunity to pick one up locally. Wouldn't mind hearing peoples experience. Thank you.
  16. Daks

    A review: Unitronic Stage 2 Tune vs EQT Stage 2

    At the time of comparison - car: 2016 6MT GTI PP, Mishimoto Intercooler, IE Intake and TIP, Unitronic DP, Southbend Stage 3 Daily clutch. I ran Unitronics stage 1 tune when the car was stock and it was not great, traction control would always interfere and when it was disabled, the car felt...
  17. Daks

    Air freshener

    What do you guys use? I have been using this for years, want to see other alternatives...
  18. Daks

    So which powerflex bushing do i actually order?

    Currently on stock dog one and looking to upgrade at the sane time i do my engine and trans next weekend, so which one do i grab. This one...
  19. Daks

    I need a friend to hold my hand.

    Presently my car is a Unitronic Stage 2 - Mishimoto IC, Unitronic Downpipe, IE intake, stock plugs, Southbend Stage 3 daily clutch, Indy 500's on light weight wheels. I purchased BFI stage 1 engine mount and trans insert and will be ordering the powerflex hybrid puck shortly - so the mounting...