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    Tuning your GTI

    Hey Peeps, Now I'm currently researching tuning and upgrading my GTI', I'm mainly eyeing APR and Unitronic, both respectable and put good numbers, but one is notoriously known for blowing up turbos (At least from what I have seen on forums) which in that case is APR, another issue is that there...
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    MK7 GTI Air Conditioning Bad Smell!!

    Hey Fellow Golfers, Now my 2014 GTI, started making a bad smell as soon as I start my AC (Usually fades away after 1 min of operation), that's after six months of ownership, I don't know how to describe the smell, but for me it smells like mmmm... KETCHUP :D that's the closest I can describe it...
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    MK7 Golf Blind Spot Retrofit/Activation Possible?

    Hi Guys, I have a 2014 GTI, with front and rear auto park assist sensors, my mirrors have internal lane changing lights which I reckon are for the blind spot assist. My question is that having my car fitted with all these sensors and the lane chaning lights, can blind spot warning be...
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    Again with the MDI Cables

    Hi guys just a brief question will audi's cables work with my mk7 gti? Particularly those: 4F0051510R (Red Collar) 4F0051510S (Red Collar + USB) 4F0051510AD (Green Lightning) I'm asking because those are the ones I'm able to find, can't find the VW variants of those at lease in my country...
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    MDI Cables for MK7 GTI??!!

    Hey Guys, I've been searching all over the internet for an MDI cable which is a direct connection to the ipod/iphone 5th gen, I want one that'll display artwork and playback video, but all forums have no definite answer with lots of part numbers. I called Ali & Sons Abu Dhabi, and they told me...
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    USB Port / Voice Commands in my GTI Not Working

    Hey Folks, I received my 2014 GTI, I noticed my usb port in the center console delivering power but doesn't read the usb stcik, any suggestions?? and one more thing the voice command button isn't working as well, it only mutes the sound? Thanks