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  1. murph3699

    Anyone Familiar with this Area in Boston?

    I am familiar with this area but its happening all over. Its in the neighborhood near Fenway Park which is around a half hour from me. There's a bridge about a 1/4 mile long leading up to my office that they will block and rip it up and down until the cops show up.
  2. murph3699

    Rennwagen MK7.5 Rear Diffuser

    What's the install like? Does the bumper need to be removed?
  3. murph3699

    Rennwagen MK7.5 Rear Diffuser

    Nice. Looks like fits with factory mudflaps. I may have to grab it
  4. murph3699

    2021 Black Friday Deals

    I'm on B8's, with VWR springs, and its comparable to OEM ride quality.
  5. murph3699

    Helix Soundbox Upgrade Information Post!

    I tried putting the Helix on the bottom but its a no go in the GTI.
  6. murph3699

    Helix Soundbox Upgrade Information Post!

    I'm going to give this a try. Its been sitting on top of my spare for 3 years but it makes sense that it belongs below.
  7. murph3699

    Car wrapping in eastern MA

    Thanks. I love it. That price includes sales tax. Most of the quotes I got were between $3-$4k and that didn't include ceramic coating or the interior. A little old lady today stopped me outside of the grocery store to compliment the color. When I explained it was a wrap she was dumbfounded. I...
  8. murph3699

    Post your sneakers and GTI

    Summer shoes for both me and the GTI
  9. murph3699

    Car wrapping in eastern MA

    Damn, wish I knew about him. I just had my car wrapped in 3M Satin Perfect Blue, gloss black roof and mirrors, brushed black on all the piano black surfaces in the interior with a ceramic coat for $2800.
  10. murph3699

    The COVID19 SCAMdemic... Defense For Ghislaine Maxwell Disparages Witnesses - Omicron Is Most Mild Variant Yet - Gov And Media Lies, Fear Mongers

    The cops did get away with it in the Rodney King trial spawning the April 1992 riot
  11. murph3699

    18” OEM Dallas wheels with all season tires

    PM sent. I'm interested and right down the road in Lowell
  12. murph3699

    What is your occupation?

    E911 Tech with Verizon and Steward/Executive Board member IBEW Local 2321.
  13. murph3699

    2019 Mazda3

    I love Mazda. Drove a Mazda3 and a Speed6 prior to my GTI. If they continued to make Mazdaspeeds I may have gone that route
  14. murph3699


    I voted last week!
  15. murph3699

    Deal on power stop brakes and pads on Amazon.

    I don't need brakes anytime soon but I already had these on my wishlist for when the time comes.
  16. murph3699

    JB4 w/Bluetooth & AFR Harness $435

    Sold for $425