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    Component Protection when swapping parts, info?

    I have a simple quesiton about Component Protection. My ACC Radar is bust, fails 90% of the time. I have a replacement radar from a different car. If I plug in the replacement Radar, then take it out and plug my ORIGINAL one back in, will CP lock me out? is it permanent when triggered? or is...
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    Voltage Stabiliser location?

    Anyone know the aproximate location of the voltage stabiliser unit on the MK7? Have seen someone suggest it's in one of the wheel arches, which could be possble but I think it unlikely. I'm having problems with my ACC Front assist and Start-stop, which usually points to a dead battery, however...
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    WTB - Front ACC Radar - 5Q0907541G (Domed front) - UK

    As per the title, I'm in the UK and want to buy an early Radar unit with the domed front, not the later flat style.
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    ACC Not available, DTC1038 & 1043

    The last couple of days when I've started the car after standing either overnight or while I've been at work, the Front assist/ACC system has decided to stop working. This has happened 3 times in total, and of those times it has started working again after turning off and on again. When it's...
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    MIB1 Discover Media - Odd DAB operation.

    My stock infotainment has been acting odd a couple of times, I think it may just be down to poor signal but I can't be 100% sure. Basically, it will occasionally switch to another DAB radio station 'Hits Radio' from my usual selected Radio1 or RadioX. I thought it was just down to signal...
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    CRBC Engine HPFP reliability?

    I'm new to the MK7 platform and the CRBC engine, after a recent LPFP failure I started reading up about HPFP's disintegrating and killing the injectors etc but it's left me confused. I saw lots of threads about CP3 pump retrofitting, and have seen kits for sale etc. I also saw threads about...
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    GT TDi 2.0 Rough running then Non-start - Fuel related P3044/P3045/P0087 codes

    My Golf (2.0 GT TDi 150 - CRB) died after driving to work, fortunately the fault presented itself 1/4 of a mile away and it limped/kangaroo'd there, albeit unable to get above 2500rpm and 30mph. It restarted immediately after stopping in the car park but after it had cooled again a couple of...
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    Flashing Glowplug light, lack of power, now dead 2.0TDi 150

    Driving to work this morning I got a flashing GP lamp and lack of power, what feels like a misfire (more like a rev-limiter) above 2500rpm. At the same time and Error popped up on the MFD saying Start-Stop system error. I did notice that it happened immediately after the SS became active...
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    MK7 Climatronic upgrade with instructions and pictures.

    I struggled to find instructions for the Climatronic upgrade to go from the basic heater controls to the Climatronic (dual control), so decided to make my own How-To. This is a fairly simple install, BUT you have to remove some dashboard stuff and it's not particularly difficult, it looks a...