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    Dyno Thread!

    Hey all, I've read through these forums for about 3 or 4 years now but don't post too often. I’ve got a MK7 GTI that I’m currently getting tuned by Stratified on e30. Has full bolt ons, still stock turbo, and it's been a blast thus far. I'm curious what kind of dyno graphs other MK7 guys have on...
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    WTB- Stock Mk7 Downpipe

    How's it going everyone! Like the title states, I'm looking to buy a stock downpipe. My emissions test is coming up and my chances of passing with my catless downpipe are undoubtedly slim to none! Shoot me a PM if you have one and I can cover the shipping costs if necessary.
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    FS: Mk7 GTI OEM Catback and Resonator

    I've got a spare OEM catback exhaust that I am looking to sell along with a standalone OEM resonator. Catback has about 30k miles on it while the resonator has close to 70k. Would like to keep the catback local or within a reasonable driving distance, and I would be willing to ship the resonator...
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    FS: Tinted Stock Halogen Tail Lights

    I've got a pair of stock tails that are now taking up space in the garage as I have swapped out to some LED tail lights. I tinted these tails about two years ago and took them off the car about six months after that, so they have just been sitting in a box for awhile. Looking to get $90 for the...
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    SOLD: Rotiform IND-T 18x8.5

    Hello everyone, I’ve been running these wheels for about two years now and have kept them in excellent condition. I bought them from another GTI owner who had them painted bronze, as these Rotiforms were only offered in silver and black. These wheels are no longer sold by Rotiform nor do they...
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    WTB: Cup Kit or Coilovers

    As the title states, I am looking to purchase a cup kit or one of the more affordable coilovers, such as ST X, Vogtland, or anything else you might have. Please shoot me a PM if you are selling, very motivated buyer. Thanks for looking.
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    Strafe Design Diffuser

    I know a lot of guys on the forum have the Maxton Design rear diffuser, but does anyone have the Strafe design one? If so, I'd love to see some pictures and/or opinions on the diffuser as I am considering to buy one.
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    WTB Cobb AP

    Let me know if you've got a Cobb accessport that I can take off your hands!
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    Crackle Tunes with Cobb AP

    Hello all, this may seem like a noob question but I was wondering which protuners offer a crackle tune along with a protune for the Cobb AP? I'm looking to run Cobb and hope to eventually get it protuned but I'd like to get a crackle tune in the same place.
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    FS: JB4 with Data Cable

    As the title states, I'm putting my JB4 up for sale. It's in great condition, probably 2000 or so miles on it. Will include the data cable along with two posi taps for AFR wire install. Only reason I'm selling is because I'm looking to go a different route. Makes great power for the value...
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    Jb4 Logging question

    This may or may not be a dumb question, but I just got my hands on a jb4 along with the data cable, and was wondering if it is possible to get a usb to lightning adapter, and therefore run through the JB4 app to do my logs. Would this work, or do I have to get their bluetooth connect kit to run...
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    mk7 gti vs. c300

    Just a fun little race from a dig between me (stock gti other than a catless dp and dogbone mount) and a 2011 Mercedes c300, which is stock other than a resonator delete. We were even through first gear but once I was able to hook up in second I started to cruise past him. Luckily my jb4 should...
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    WTB: Jb4

    Looking to buy a Jb4 with either the data cable or Bluetooth connect kit. Let me know if you've got one and are looking to sell it!
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    Feeler: Rotiform IND-T 18x8.5

    I've got a set of Rotiform IND-T's that are 18x8.5 with a +45 offset. They are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ that were put on less than 500 miles ago. There is some minimal curb rash due that occurred when installing the tires. I'm just putting this out there to see if there is any...
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    Mk7 GTI vs. Stg. 1 WRX

    Hello all, So a buddy of mine just installed cobb stage 1 on his '17 subaru wrx and now he is antsy to race me. As of now I have a cattless dp with an 034 dogbone and some sticky federal rs-rr's, but am otherwise stock. Not sure how the race will turn out and was wondering if anyone would have...
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    GTI vs '03 sl500 vs ecoboost mustang

    This morning I went on a drive from Phoenix to Payson, AZ with a couple of buddies, who drove a 2003 Mercedes sl500, a 2015 Mustang Ecoboost, and a 2014 v6 mustang. Along the way, we did a couple of pulls. I did a 50-100 pull against the mercedes, and put about 1.5 cars on him. Against the...
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    WTB: Aftermarket Intake

    As the title states, I'm looking to buy a cold air intake for my mk7 gti. Let me know what you have!
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    WTB: BOV

    hello everyone, as the title states, I am looking to buy a bov for my mk7. I don't really have any sort of brand preference, so let me know what you have!
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    Stock vs Aftermarket Catback w/ Catless DP

    Hello all, I've had a catless downpipe on my gti for about a month now, and I have been wondering if getting a catback is even necessary, and if it even makes any sound differences. I've watched a number of different exhaust videos but I can't really hear a difference? I was wondering if anyone...
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    Catless Downpipe Smoke

    Hello all, I just installed a Eurocode catless downpipe on my '15 GTI, and when I started it up for the first time, everything looked in order. However, after it sits at idle for a couple minutes, there is white smoke that comes out from where the DP and the turbo connect. I took the car out to...