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    Apr downpipe with AWE track exhaust

    this is probably a stupid question but i have a stage 2 gti mk7.5 with a APR downpipe and a AWE track exhaust. I love it, the only thing is that it seemed way louder when i first put it on and now that its broken in it seems way more quiet. This could also be due to the fact im also just used to...
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    GTI mk7.5 digital dash retrofit in los angeles?

    Does anyone know if any shop locally in los angeles that can do this retrofit? Has anyone done this at a shop and gotten it installed and mileage moved over and everything?
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    Anyone selling an unused GTI APR stage 2 code?

    In need of one ASAP, please dm me.
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    FS: ECS 20mm Spacers and 034 Motosport 15mm spacers -$120

    Hey, im selling 2 ECS 20mm Spacers and 2 034 Motorsport 15 mm spacers. They were on the car for 2k miles, got new wheels and dont need them anymore. They made my stock wheels look much better and bearable. Asking for $120 for the set of 4. No bolts included. Located in 91208.. Will add pics later!
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    Make Awe Track exhuast louder?

    I have an AWE track exhaust and I love the sound I just wish it was a little louder. Does anyone have a recommendation of a downpipe that could make it louder but nothing super crazy or obnoxious ? Or is any downpipe going to make it super loud?
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    2019 Razer blade 15

    I'm selling a lightly used 2019 Razer Blade 15 with an Intel i7-8750H and an Rtx 2070 Max-Q. Its in great condition minus one small minor dent on the corner (shown in pictures). Everything on the computer works perfectly, comes with charger and box. I'm selling because I dont need this powerful...
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    Anyone know where I can get an aerofabb splitter and spoiler extension installed?

    Hey, I live in Los Angeles and just wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on where I could take my car to get an aerofabb splitter and spoiler extension installed. I would do it myself but I have none of the tools whatsoever. Thank you I’m advance!
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    WTB: NEUSPEED RSe11in socal

    im looking for a set of NEUSPEED RSe11 preferably in black or bronze. I dont need them with tires but not opposed to buying some as a complete set. Please let me know!
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    WTB aerofabb spoiler extension

    Looking for an aerofabb spoiler extension. They’re on back order until the end of July and just trying to see if I can get one sooner than that
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    Golf R digital dash retrofit question

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked already, i've looked online for a specific answer and cant seem to find it. I have a 2019 GTI SE with no nav, if i bought and put in the digital dash, will it have navagation on the dash? is there any way to have it come from carplay? or is that...