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  1. Wastegate13

    Intercooler install question.

    I’d say it depends on your level of familiarity with the front end and how it goes together. My buddy was a vw technician and it took us maybe 2 hours to swap my intercooler in. We were on a lift with a toolbox tailored to vw cars.
  2. Wastegate13

    Does my car have a tune?

    I have a few cts products on my car and they’re all v2. I think they tried to rush to market when the Mk7 was new and quality suffered. Other than the clamps I have no issues with their 3.5” catted downpipe.
  3. Wastegate13

    Does my car have a tune?

    You and diggs the only members of the CTS sucks international club?
  4. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Yup that’s exactly the error message. I rarely use a computer to visit here but don’t remember seeing that on my laptop.
  5. Wastegate13

    Keep it clean folks!

    I’ve changed mine twice now at 20k and again at 44k and both times there was a little grit but fluid was relatively clean. South Florida climate it’s whole life. I don’t think it’s ever seen temps under 40.
  6. Wastegate13

    That Powerflex insert...

    Yeah yellow hybrid here and my buddy said I was gonna hate it. Neither of us could tell a difference after install.
  7. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Interesting. I’ve never seen an ad but sometimes I get a page load error randomly.
  8. Wastegate13

    EQT Vortex - MQB Turbo

    My opinion is riding the margin of safety with an inadequate fuel system isn’t wise. One bad tank of fuel could ruin you.
  9. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    There’s ads on this site?
  10. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    When I was younger my father was a mechanic and I always had access to a lift and his tool box with everything I would ever need. Now I’m lucky enough to have a best friend who runs a 4x4 shop with anything you could ever want. Hard part now is scheduling, he has 2 kids and I work an...
  11. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I’ve done everything from rebuilding engines and transmissions to bolting on parts but now that I’m older with more responsibilities I’ve left some of the tougher things to a professional. Did my downpipe, intake and fmic myself but everything else besides maintenance was done at Corr Motorsports.
  12. Wastegate13

    '19 R AWE Tuning Track Exhaust for sale $900, WI USA

    Why do all the people selling exhaust live so far away.
  13. Wastegate13

    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    I think I remember in the Cobb notes saying that Cobb tc reverts to a certain number every time you cycle the ignition.
  14. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Broiler most likely. We don’t have a grill but I have also seen her use a torch in certain situations. I enjoy watching her cook but I don’t understand most of it. Boil water? What am I a chemist?
  15. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    She’s gonna butcher it first and cook independently. With her setup she should be able to accommodate half the bird at a time.
  16. Wastegate13

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Wife plans to sous vide the turkey this year. She almost never misses in the kitchen, guess a culinary arts degree and passion gets you there so I’m excited.
  17. Wastegate13

    Replaced PCV Oil separator

    Positive crankcase ventilation is the acronym. EDIT: not smart enough to know whether it affects oil pressure.
  18. Wastegate13

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Bummer. We have pretty similar builds outside of mpi so I was curious to see how close we end up being. I should probably post some logs for diggs to critique.
  19. Wastegate13

    Acadia'a 2016 GTI SE Build Thread

    My shop thanked me for dropping the car off with the gas light on and 0 miles remaining on the cluster.