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  1. Keehs360

    Dq381 speed per gear?

    Can’t seem to find it on google. I’m referring to the dq381 on the GTI, not the golf r. In case they’re different thnx
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    Dsg coding questions

    what's the difference between BASIC SETTING OF TRANSMISSION and CALIBRATION OF SYNCHRO - POINTS OF TRANSMISSION ? what do they each do and why would you need to perform one of these? I was told that a dsg tune should be accompanied by a basic setting of transmission coding. Any truth to this...
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    Crazy differences in 0w20 and 5w40 I’ve noticed post 24fx ecu update

    So I have a 2020 gti. Wife has a 2020 gli. Mechanically they’re identical, motor trans etc Both cars are supposed to use the vw508 0w20 oil, according to vw. A few month ago, the gli was up for an oil change. Used liqui moly’s vw502 5w40 on it. car instantly idled smoother. Less of a tractor...
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    Obd11 did a thing

    I dunno. But I thought someone might find it interesting
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    Are there really no full synthetic vw508 oils?

    Iirc the only options are castrol, mobile 1, liqui moly top tec and motul specific and none of their base oils are synthetic at all. is there any other options?
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    Post your sneakers and GTI

    Ken Griffey’s today. People were looking at me like I was crazy cuz I walked through muddy snow with them on 🤷🏽‍♂️ got the idea to start this thread from that watch thread. And since sneakers > watches..... I know I’m not the only sneaker head here.
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    Suspension differences I’ve noticed SE vs autobahn

    Just wondering if anyone else can add, corroborate or tell me I’m absolutely wrong. some info on me first. My 2020 autobahn is my first vw and I got it new in August 2020. As of now she has about 3000 miles. I don’t drive much and I don’t know the platform as much as many of you. Hence why I’d...
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    Mk8 turbo info?

    Any information available yet? I saw the apr video and they touched on it briefly and mentioned that the mk8 gti and R turbo’s were slightly larger. They also briefly explained the new dv and how the mk8 R’s dv is separated from the turbo a bit I’m wondering if there’s specs yet, what their...
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    Are there any air ducts available that aren’t carbon fiber?

    I wanted to find a replacement duct that had openings on the driver and passenger side. But the only ones available are carbon fiber. like this one...
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    Sittin Pretty AutoWerx review

    Solid place. Real good pricing. Friendly employees they do a lot of performance stuff too and they’re an integrated engineering vendor too. They also offer their tunes. they even have Liqui moly vw508 and vw502 on tap! dude I dealt with was named Christian. Real nice guy, down to earth and an...
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    What motor does the tcr have exactly?

    Is it a gti motor with a is38? Or is it a R motor on a fwd car? got 5 bucks riding on this
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    SOLD! Injen evolution intake for sale in Aurora

    For pick up only. 150$ takes it. Only used it for about 1200-1400 miles or so. I live about 10-15 minutes from Denver. Kinda towards Parker.
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    Rear chassis question

    Is there a reason why the rear chassis flexes way way less on the dcc shocks vs on the s and se? Or is that just some kind of artificial feeling? I haven’t tracked the gti yet but I’ve noticed that the frontside of the chassis feels real good. Very tight too as if it were braced Already. On the...
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    Which cat back exhausts accentuate “dsg farts”

    What characteristics should I be looking for exactly? Muffler-less? 2.5”? 3”? I don’t like pops and bangs myself. Plus i am on the stock downpipe and I’m happy with stage 1 power levels. But I’d like to hear that zipper like series of pops from the exhaust on dsg upshifts. as of now. I’m...
  16. Keehs360

    SOLD Injen evolution intake for sale

    Used only for about 1400 miles. Nothings wrong with it. Just wanted a bit more sound. no clamps are missing. I have the original box but the instructions and the styrofoam will be missing. Sorry. local pick up only. I live in Aurora Colorado. About 10-15 minutes from Denver. $150 takes it...
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    Can someone explain APR's AMAX mode please?

    I get what amax is and how it works. But how does APR implement it into its dsg tune? Is amax only active from launch to first? Or will it continue to work in each upshift until I let off the gas? I called APR and the gentleman I spoke to did not seem to know what I was talking about...
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    First parking buddy

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    Had to clear over 30 faults using obd11 due to the dyno

    Man it really did look like the car freaked out 😂 is this typical?