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  1. golfare

    What is this sound? Broken spark plug electrode - clicks intermittently - need help

    Details about my car mods first: 2016 6MT Golf R, APR Stage 2 high torque, CTS high flow catted DP, APR intake, APR coils, RS7 plugs, Southbend Stage 2 daily clutch, stock intercooler. 61k miles, no carbon cleaning yet, plugs were at 12k miles. The electrode from spark plug in Cyl 3 broke off...
  2. golfare

    4th Gear Lag - APR Stage II MK7R

    Going to try to explain the issue I'm having after flashing APR Stage 2 tune on my MK7R 6MT after my tuner said they could no longer support me: -1st-3rd gear shifts and launches work great, car pulls hard, I'm happy. -Upon entering 4th gear after a redline shift out of third gear, the turbo...
  3. golfare

    Connecticut - Who has a Golf R with a performance exhaust?

    So I'm a month-long owner of my MK7 Golf R 6MT and I'm totally lost in terms of upgrading the stock exhaust. I want more sound. I do a lot of highway driving at 60-70 mph. In short, I would like to hear your car if you live in the shoreline CT or Hartford CT area. I'd open to hearing anything...
  4. golfare

    Golfare’s 2016 Golf R 6MT Lapiz Blue

    Welcome to the Golfare (Golf-are, get it?) build thread. I picked this car up on July 1, 2019 from a Bentley / Lamborghini dealership, oddly enough. It’s a 2016 (MK7) Golf R in Lapiz Blue with the manual (6 speed). Driving this car home from the dealership was the first time I had ever...