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    So let's say that I have a car that originally used conventional, change every 3k miles, oil. Can I just switch to synthetic on the next change and keep using synthetic after that? Or will something happen to my engine?
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    New VW?

    On the VWoA site it says there's a new VW coming out. Anyone know what it is?
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    Other Drivers

    Have you ever noticed that the car a person drives tells their attitude? Like the GTI is more of the refined, laid back guy. But a Mazda(speed)3 driver is a giant jackass who thinks he can race anyone at anytime and can't lay off the horn if he has to wait at the light for more than 2 seconds...
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    Traffic Light Cameras

    I'm worried about getting a ticket right now because of one of those mounted bastards. I ran a yellow but right as I was in the middle or around 2/5 through the intersection, the light goes red. What're the chances of me getting the ticket? Mind you it's nighttime, so I don't know if the camera...