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    2015 GTI Autobahn, truly MINT

    2015 GTI Autobahn, 64,000 miles. The car is as “like new” as a “used” car can be. This car has been pampered and spoiled! Essentially no imperfections in the body, paint, or interior. PPF on the front, hood, and mirrors, ceramic coated everywhere else. A list of improvements and modifications...
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    CSS muffler, need advice

    Thinking about adding a CSS muffler to my setup, which is currently a Ultimate Racing downpipe and stock catback. My question is, would it be prudent to replace the mid pipe with a 3 inch rather than retain the stock pipe? Comments appreciated
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    I have 4 RS3 ignition coils for sale, run about 15,000 miles. Perfectly fine, But I had some shop credits and bought the red-top APR coils so I no longer need these. Let’s say $75 shipped.
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    ECS big brake kit?

    ECS has a four piston big brake kit on sale at a very reasonable price. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with their brake kits? Thanks.
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    Racingline front brake kit MK7 GTI (non PP)

    Anyone have any experience with these? Recommendations? Thanks
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    Price drop, Four Austin rims, Western VA

    Four Austin rims for sale, will meet buyer within one hour drive of Staunton VA, no shipping. One of the wheels has some delimitation as pictured, others are in good to very good shape. Wheels have been ceramic coated within the last six months. Includes center caps, no TPMS. $200.
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    Turbo Parts Canada TPC20 Hybrid Turbo

    Anyone running one of these? Just wondering if it is a direct is20 replacement with no stage 3 requirement, i.e. a simpler solution than is38 for more horsepower
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    PRICE DROP....Strafe Design rear spoiler extension

    I finally received this in the mail (no fault of the company, completely USPS), but in the month and a half that it took to get here I’ve decided to leave my car stock. I’ve already boxed this back up in the original packaging and it’s ready to go. $80 shipped. You can see some “installed”...
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    As far as I can recall these were purchased as a kit. Don’t have the original specs on them but I’ve measured them as in the photos as best I can. Both sets say front only but I ran the larger ones on the back of the smaller ones on the front with no issues. Includes all the correct bolts. $75...
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    I don’t have the specs on this kit but the pictures show the measurements I’ve taken. Both of these sets save for front only but I ran the larger spacers on the back and the smaller ones on the front with no problem on my 2015 GTI. It includes all the wheel bolts. $70 shipped.
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    I have a like new set of dynamic wheel caps with badge skin rings already applied. Fit stock size rim center. They are currently $170 bucks on ECS, will let them go for $120.
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    Going to wider wheel/tire size

    Can someone in the know explain to me the benefits of going to a wider wheel/tire combination? I have stock Austin’s and was thinking of going to an 18x8.5 wheel. What would the appropriate tire size be for this size wheel? Thanks
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    Electrical problem, trunk latch

    I started noticing that my trunk light worked only intermittently. Couldn’t diagnose the problem as I knew my light fixture which I had just purchased from DeAutoled was good. I finally figured out that it seems to be related to the hood latch/release. Apparently there is some little sensor in...
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    Strafe Design

    Received a notification on Monday that my item was being shipped. As of today there were no updates so I emailed them and they told me my item was still in production? Has anybody else had a similar experience with them?
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    Ultimate Racing Resonator

    I had this on my MK7 GTI but it may also work for 7.5 and/or R. Basically new, ran it for about 500 miles. $100 shipped in CONUS.
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    Off market

    Off market
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    Had it about a year. Went by BFI yesterday and had them install a different one for me. Asking $105 shipped.
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    Form fit hood protector-local pickup

    I installed this hood protector on my 2015 GTI and it was on the car about 30 days, but I took it off to get a ceramic coating done and I’ve decided not to put it back on. It’s in perfect shape and I have a brand new installation kit so basically you’re getting a new hood protector for a...
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    Had them on the car for around six months. Decided to go with silver instead. Slip on right over the factory tips. For MK7. Excellent condition. $100 shipped.
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    Austin wheel overlays

    I have two sets of overlays for Austin wheels which I purchased on EBay. 42 total pieces or 21 per set. Will sell separately or together. $35 per set or $60 for both.