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    WTB: Cobb Tuning ABS pump Heat Shield

    Looking to purchase Cobb Tuning ABS Pump heat shield.
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    **SOLD**: 245/620/17 DH Pirelli Take-off slicks - $500

    Pirelli DH take-offs 245-620-17 $500 excluding shipping. Buyer covers actual shipping cost. The overall diameter is 24.4” (620mm). They are slightly narrower than 255 NT01’s. These have been stored inside the house and I didn’t get to use them. Pd $640 shipped. ($125 ea. + $140 shipping) The...
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    **SOLD** Used Pagid RSL29 Front PP Pads

    Used Pagid RSL 29 track pads with: 80 to 85% life left on the passenger side And 89% on the driver side. For some reason the passenger side brakes run hotter than the driver side and have more wear. These pads also have a slight taper. See attached photos. The inner pads seem to wear faster...
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    **SOLD**: Smart Camber Gauge

    I have a lightly used Smart Camber Gauge for sale. Still in great shape. Auto-X and track junkies, you can adjust and check your own camber. $185 shipped to the lower 48
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    **SOLD**: 034 Upper Rear Camber Arm (BNIB)

    034 Motorsports Upper Rear Camber Link for sale. Brand new, never been used. $325 shipped to the lower 48. Decided to go with Verkline upper arms For the track.
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    ***SOLD: SuperPro Front EndLinks

    $100 Shipped to the lower 48 Been on the car for a year +/- 20k miles. Still in great shape. Slight rub on the passenger side upper balljoint. Just cosmetic. I’m running -2.5 degrees of camber and planning on going -3+ degrees. These need a good home.
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    FS: Improved Racing Oil Thermostat BNIB

    New 185F degree oil thermostat. This a compact unit. New in box. Anyone looking to install an oil cooler for Auto-X or Track will want to install a thermostat if you are in colder climates to get your oil up to operating temp. **Price Drop** $125 shipped to the lower 48.
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    SOLD: PP Spiegler Front Brake lines

    Mk7 front performance pack front stainless brake lines for sale. I had these on the car for 4-months before installing my BBK. These brake lines have true stainless steel fittings vs. plated steel on most aftermarket brakes lines. These lines are far superior in quality to others on the market...
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    **SOLD** Resealed PP front brakes

    PP front calipers/carriers/OE brake lines (calipers resealed with VW seal kit) OE Brake pads 90% life left New Zimmerman 340x30rotors $140 (BNIB) *** prepared to split shipping 4 Centric caliper seal kits $400 for calipers, OE lines and pads *** prepared to split shipping. I’m willing to drive...
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    FS: OEM Nagaros **SOLD**

    I have a set of Nagaros for sale. $650 No dings or curb rash. The wheels are straight and in good condition. Two of the wheels have some light surface scratches on the clear coat. I can email more detailed photos, pm me your email address. Would prefer to sell locally within the Charlotte area...
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    **SOLD** 034 Motorsport Mk7/MQB Camber Plate

    Price dropped $225 shipped to the lower 48. Camber Plates are in great shape.
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    Group Buy: Apex ARC-8 Wheels

    Proposed spec: Apex ARC - 8 17x8.5 ET45 Weight: +/- 17.2 lbs Tires: Will accommodate - 245/255-40-17 R-Comp or Street Tire 225-40/45/17 Hoosier R/A7 The goal here is to generate enough interest and support from the MQB community, for Apex...
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    FS: ** SOLD** New Intercomp Tire Pyrometer

    Brand new in box Intercomp tire pyrometer. Never used. I bought a combination tire pressure and pyrometer from Longacre ***SOLD*** shipped to the lower 48 This is the right tool to measure your tire temps. Dial in your tire pressures and camber.
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    Group Buy: Apex ARC-8 Wheels

    Proposed spec: Apex ARC - 8 17x8.5 ET45 Weight: +/- 17.2 lbs Tires: Will accommodate - 245/255-40-17 R-Comp or Street Tire 225-40/45/17 Hoosier R/A7 The goal here is to generate enough interest and support from...
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    FS: New iABED Oil Cooler Take-off Plate

    **SOLD** New iABED Oil Cooler Take-off plate for sale $200 shipped to the lower 48 Payment via PayPal.
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    SuperPro Control Arms vs. Tire Size

    Current Setup: 245-40-18 on 18x8.5 et 45 Neuspeed RSE10’s Stock Suspension/Stock Ride Height Regular street driving doesn’t create any rub issues Slight rub on heavy compression and taking curb at the track(rub in the 10 ‘o clock position) Proposed track mods: SuperPro – ALOY 0018K front...
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    Best ESC Settings for Road Course

    Stock 2017 PP GTi So I have a question: even after switching ESC off by holding the button for 10-seconds, I’m still feeling the brakes/ESC intervening. Part of it is trail braking into the apex and lifting my inside rear tire. Taking curb also gets the wheels off the ground and is the biggest...
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    2017 GTi PP at VIR

    ** Edit** Added my Mod List: Dec’ 2016 PP GTi Sport 6MT 2017 Sept Pagid RSL 29 Front - Post Link Pagid RSL 19 Rear - Post Link Castrol SRF Fluid Nov RSE10 18x8.5 et45 245-40-18 MPS4S 2018 April 034 RSB 034 Toe Links Nov 034 Dynamic Camber Plates 018K SuperPro LCA Spiegler Brake Lines Front...