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  1. Strange Mud

    CSB and Water Cooler off topic Chat Thread

    Jay said we could start up a General Off Topic Thread with some basic rules: 1. No Politics 2. Avoid Insults (although poking fun as friends is allowed) This is because another thread was fun for a while has lost it's charm and we need a thread to chat/BS in I'll start with a rant. If you...
  2. Strange Mud

    Important OBD11 info starting tomorrow the pro version will be a yearly subscription buy now to get the last of the lifetime one! Mud
  3. Strange Mud


    There have been a few incidents of people either posting or PM'ing members selling stuff for a friend. Often they will want payment through Friends and Family or some Russian (or similar) payment service. Do NOT fall for it. Unless they have a history here proceed with caution.
  4. Strange Mud

    Chatfield Hollow

    Just a shout out to the owner of the CF Blue Rabbit I see there. Nice color! Mud
  5. Strange Mud

    Idle Hands (or the quest for a 480 mile tank)

    With this stay at home Covid-19 pandemic (although I am essential because work makes Guns and Medical supplies) I have had some more free time. I am going to attempt what has been discussed before. 480 miles on a tank! I...
  6. Strange Mud

    Roof racks on sale. $219! also look for the VW 15% rebate. I ordered my sub from these guys and they are legit.
  7. Strange Mud

    Helix Dongle

    anyone got one I can use in exchange for beverage or whatever? Durham/Middletown area. I already pm'd Dan and will do that if no one wants to see my bearded mug. Mud
  8. Strange Mud

    Spare Tire Kit

    SOLD 18" Spare tire Continental T125/70-18 never used with OEM jack and lug wrench. 5x112 lug pattern 57.1 Bore If you have an R and don't have a spare you need/want this. Will fit on cars with the PP brakes. Don't ruin a good tire/rim with slime or get stuck out of town waiting for a...
  9. Strange Mud

    Car & Driver Top 10

    Golf does it again! their pick of them is the GTI/Rabbit version. I agree with many reviewers that keep saying how the GTI does many things well and if they had to only drive one car...
  10. Strange Mud

    car off cooling?

    so for the 1st time yesterday (and again today) after shutting off the car I am not hearing whatever aux cooling ckt (turbo?) come on after shutting off the car. Often I hear the cooling fan run but there seems to be a 2nd pump running. All I've hear is a quiet rhythmic sound similar to an...
  11. Strange Mud

    Window chatter

    so I remember a couple of posts about a rhythmic thumping when rolling down windows (not up...only down). Mine has started doing this and it seems to be coming from the weatherstripping on the top of door sill. Any hints on what to spray? Silicone lube? Mold release? would prefer diy...
  12. Strange Mud

    WTT Mirror Caps GTI (may fit others)

  13. Strange Mud

    Italian tune up

    I assume this has been asked but it is only electrons I am inconveniencing. I did this recently.... how often are you folks (if at all) doing this? I am thinking every 4-5 K miles but am wondering what the hive thinks/does. info for those who want details: 3k rpm for 30 minutes = 70-75 mph...
  14. Strange Mud

    newest newbie

    Hi folks, I didn't see the intro thread so I'm posting this up here to introduce myself. My name is Jim but on the forums I go by Mud. I just picked up a 2017 GTI Sport with the MT. I traded in a 2012 V6 Mustang with the performance package (think Sport pack) that I liked but never loved...