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    DBv2 Stainless Turbo Inlet Pipe

    This basically brand new. I only installed it but it wouldn't work with my Spulen Catch Can PCV hose so I took it off and never used it. The o-ring it comes with was basically useless and broke very easily (*it's only 1.5mm thick) so I made custom TPU 3D printed replacements. I will include 4...
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    MST air filter for VWR600

    Used for ~2k miles on a 500whp car that ran 10.6@mph with it. Retails for $185 In perfect condition, picture posted is filter right before it was removed from the car. *sold
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    WTB USP TrackSwitch (Burnout Box)

    Anyone get tired of theirs? I just want to try it out....LOL
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    392 Charger

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    (video) MK7 Golf-R 10.6 sec @ 130 mph

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    Here's another nice and well maintained drag time database: Hosting includes picture of car, dynosheet, and timeslip. Also data like track, weight, mods, etc, etc... and link to a video Filtered list for all MK7 Golf-R, GTi, or Golf...
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    Golf vs c63

    10.84 vs 11.07
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    DIY - Hidden Cobb AccessPort Mount

    Hidden Cobb AccessPort Mount 1. You can use strong store bought magnets but they have to be very strong. I used the magnets out of a failed hard drive. I originally used only one of the hard drive magnets but it wasn't strong enough so I doubled them up. 2. Pull the trim piece above the...
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    Cobb MPI Users Group

    New member here :D Who else?
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    Eurodyne DSG Tune vs Cobb EQT DSG Tune vs Cobb 5150 DSG Tune

    I've been running either Eurodyne Stage-1, Stage-2, or Stage-3 DSG tunes on my MK7 Golf-R since September 2017. Hearing the positive feedback on Ed at Equilibrium Tuning COBB based custom DSG tune I decided to give it a shot. If purchased with the $400 COBB DSG license the EQT tune is discounted...
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    Moose Test

    GTi failed but fun to watch
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    JB-4 w/ USB datacable

    SOLD! It's currently set to Map-0 so you'll need to download the PC software and update it to map 1 or 2 after installing it. You could also use the phone app but that is not free. Installation instructions can be found here...
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    MK7 Golf-R OEM Front Brake Kit

    These brakes were removed from my 2016 MK7 Golf-R. These brakes have never been tracked with. Located in North County San Diego. The kit comes with: - Golf-R front OEM calipers used for <4k miles - Golf-R 340mm OEM rotors used for <2.5k miles - Centric Posi Quite Ceramic Pads used for <1.5k...
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    FS: Konig Oversteer 19x8.5 ET42 San Diego

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    FS: Neuspeed 6-Piston Calipers w/ 340mm rotors BBK

    No longer for sale
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    MK7 Golf R Custom Front License Plate Mount

    I designed this license plate bracket to mount on the lower grill area without having to drill any holes in your bumper/grill. It is 3D printed using premium ABS filament. $100 Shipped via USPS Priority Mail to the USA. Installation Instructions...