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    "Catless" Unitronic DP

    $500 OBO Was sold a UNI DP with a faulty cat (loose). 3k miles. Overall a very high quality piece. I went ahead and had the cat punched out. I'm selling bcs I want to keep the smell classy lol by continuing on with a catted DP.
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    RS7 Plugs : Quick Review

    Guys need to try em out and report back. Really liking them on my st. 2+ :) (100 miles in) Why run Densos if they're known to fall apart ;) Shifting is much more snappy and what I thought were some spots where the pwr was a little meh, so far are not. Running real strong, so butt dyno approved...
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    St. 2+ Random Misfire?

    Got a soft code today Random misfire on cylinder 3 Running OE plugs: currently have 7k on them Don't flame me for running the OE Bosch plugs, bcs as far as I'm concerned there's plenty of issues with the Densos. I'm hitting the Dyno on Sat and want some opinions... Soft code so it's gone after...
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    Is38 vs e63 AMG?

    Just curious. Dig or roll... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    Is38 gti vs m4

    I have an idea, but need input. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    Blk P-Flow

    SOLD No SAI filter but they're cheap. CARB sticker present. Small blemish. $190 shipped Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
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    R/s3 vs c450: Who Wins?

    As the title states. From a dig...?
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    2nd Purge Valve Failure

    Dealer tells me they've had to replace a fair share of these. I've been getting the "check gas cap" intermittently, but these last few months it became a CEL p0413. Curious if anyone has had their's replaced. As the title states, this will be my 2nd failure.
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    Rolling 2.slow! Advice Needed Inside

    I really appreciate the st.2 power lol. Rolling stock ecu Another note: Would you??? Opportunity for me to get a Wavetrac. An insane deal, but... 1. Trans would be swapped/buddy's shop car being turned back in on lease: Statement 2. Mechatronic stays the same/part number wouldn't be an issue...
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    "p0413: SAI Switching Valve Open"

    Got my first CEL today and thankfully, I think it's rather miner, but need some advise/direction. 1. Anyone have this yet (p0413)? 2. If so and have Vagcom: did you do an output test to see if it's the valve itself? 3. Is it a critical fix since it states as being "open"? I cleared the code for...
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    jmargaretis Pure White GTI

    For anyone curious for ideas and not on Vortex. Also, bcs I'm over transferring the information :rolleyes:
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    FS: SRS-Tec Roof Lip Spoiler

    $150 NIB. Save yourself money in shipping and buy mine. I bought the wrong one. This unit is for without the rear panels.
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    WTB Intake

    Looking for an intake Exceptions: APR Injen
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    G37: GTI Surprise!

    30 mph roll / Absolutely smashed him! Read about the car. Damn they're heavy!
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    Gen 5 Roush Mustang Got a GTI Surprise!

    Just did an even pull on a Gen 5 Roush from a dig to 60 lol. Even: -so after a google search, he had to be a stage 2 I'm guessing. Heard some loud ass exhaust in front and a yellow mustang quickly grabs an open lane, this about two cars in front of me. So... I said, what the hell and quickly...
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    AUSTINS All 4 (0 miles) $500

    Austins (all 4): No need to list the specs fellas Got a set w/no miles sitting in a box. Swapped for my rims day of pick-up! So no rash and no blemishes. Buyer pays for shipping. $500. *no tires