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  1. Clem604

    Free: Tux Mats (Driver/Passenger)

  2. Clem604

    FS: 034 Motorsport P34 Intake

    Hey everyone , Up for sale I have my good condition 034 Motorsport P34 Intake for sale. I have used it for roughly 2 years on my 2018 GTI and it was great. All the information about this intake can be found here...
  3. Clem604

    FS: OEM IS20 Turbo

    Hey there, Are you looking for more power in your MK7/7.5 Golf TSI, Alltrack, or SportWagen? Well look no further because I have for sale a good condition VW/IHI IS20 Turbo that came off my 2018 GTI. The turbo itself has about 70,000km on it. The tech who removed it from my car took a look at it...
  4. Clem604

    FS: 18" OEM VW Milton/Dallas Wheels

  5. Clem604

    FS: Forge Big Knob

  6. Clem604

    FS: MK7 GTI PP/Golf R Hawk Brake Pad Set

    Hi, For sale I have a brand new set of Hawk HPS 5.0 front and rear brake pads for the GTI with Performance Package, Golf R, and Audi S3. More information about these pads can be found here: There are other compatible vehicles listed in the table below. I...
  7. Clem604

    FS: OEM VW MK7.5 LED Tailights

  8. Clem604

    FS: "Dynablink" Dynamic Mirror Signals

    Hey, For sale I have a good condition set of "Dynablinks" for the MK7 Golf/GTI/R for sale. Why the quotations you might ask? It's because these may or may not be replica Dynablink lights as I purchased these on the GolfMK7 group buy earlier this year. But that matters not as these have the same...