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  1. WadeRoberson

    WTB Intercooler

    Unitronic, Wagner, IE or APR :)
  2. WadeRoberson

    3D Models/Specific Technical Specifications

    Hi everyone, I've thinking about making some custom parts for our cars. Obviously the first step I'm taking is mocking everything up in CAD. Before I do anything though it would be extremely helpful to have a highly accurate 3D model of the car, or at least some resource that has specific...
  3. WadeRoberson

    Objective performance of 17s vs 18s

    I'm very conflicted as to whether I should get 17 or 18 inch (x8.5) enkei rpf1s. 17 inch PROS 16.3 lbs Better ride quality Better acceleration (very small) $990 Much cheaper tires ($700 mpss) CONS 332mm max brake rotor size (4piston) Less attractive...
  4. WadeRoberson

    Advice on Replacing Wheels and Tires

    My tires in the front are pretty much completely worn (the rears have about half their tread life left) and need to be replaced very soon, however since I planned changing wheels eventually as well. I don't want to put expensive tires on the 7.5" wide stock wheels and be stuck with stock wheels...
  5. WadeRoberson

    Wade Roberson's GTI Build Thread

    December 8, 2015: Took my new 2016 black DSG 4 door base GTI home from VW Dealer. ?, 2016: I resolved an obnoxious rattle coming from my center arm rest. Here’s the thread where I discovered the source of the rattle. July 20, 2017 / 23,936mi: I got a 93 octane stage 1 APR ECU tune done. Just...
  6. WadeRoberson

    WTT: black gti front bumper for black r bumper

    I like the r bumper more than the gti bumper, so I'm trading the gti front bumper for the r bumper. Black only! Black forest has a conversion kit (, but $950 for the unsprayed part is excessive for a simple aesthetic preference. My bumper...
  7. WadeRoberson

    Drivers side window controls rattle.

    This thing rattles like crazy whenever I play music (yes even quietly). It has a some play and can be moved back and forth a bit by hand. If I apply pressure on it with my hand the rattling it stops. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  8. WadeRoberson

    Debadged Grille or stock Grill

    I photoshopped this up real quick. Which do you guys prefer? I think the grill debadging works better on the R than it does on the GTI.
  9. WadeRoberson

    In what order should I do these modifications to my GTI?

    Sorry if this topic has been discussed ad nauseam, but when I went to look I didn't find anything that properly/sufficiently answered my questions. Also this will obviously be more specific to the modifications I want to do. If there are any past threads that you think cover this well enough...