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  1. Hoon

    APR Stage 3 TCU

    In case anyone is wondering, 500wtq is the limit of what APR stage 3 TCU will hold on a DQ250. Had clutch slip, tore the trans down, clutches look new. No glaze on the frictions and no heat on the steels. It was just a lack of hydraulic pressure, not a hardware issue. Dodson's going in...
  2. Hoon

    Blue MK7 Golf R in Rhode Island last night

    YOHB? Gave him the hit from a 60ish roll on I-95 and sat on the traction control going nowhere while he put 3 cars on me. Started running him down but didn't have the room before we hit traffic. Car was quick, definitely underestimated it. Not sure if he brake boosted because my radio was...
  3. Hoon

    AMS Intercooler

    I've been waiting until i had an apples to apples comparison to post this, but i now feel i have sufficient data. When i built the motor i switched from the Unitronic intercooler to AMS. The only other change that can affect airflow was going from a 3" DP with a 100 cell race cat, to a 4"...
  4. Hoon

    Best race i've had in a long time...

    Was cruising at 85ish in the middle lane and saw a 70's Gen 2 Camaro coming up on me at 95ish. Meaty rear tires, very loud, etc. After he passed i got on his back bumper and followed him through traffic. We messed around a bit until we could get a brief stretch to race. He had a passenger and i...
  5. Hoon

    MK7 GTI vs GT350

    Vortex XL, 30psi and 10 degrees, E58 in the tank. No brake boosting because i wanted to make it interesting. Going to clean the tune up a bit and add some timing today. Be nice to break 500whp on only 30psi. GT350 is either a '17 or an '18 with a '20 engine because the first one blew up under...
  6. Hoon

    Littco L450

  7. Hoon

    Hoon's DIYish Engine Build Thread

    EDITs: Engine and Trans Separation Teardown Short Block Assembly Cylinder Head Installation Right now the plan is to DIY the engine removal and tear down. In about 3 weeks the block is going to a local machine shop for measurements, once we verify the cylinders do not have any excessive...
  8. Hoon

    Precision Raceworks 450 LPFP

  9. Hoon


    It's been a bittersweet day in my MK7 journey. Last weekend i swapped to a Vortex XL and changed up a few other supporting mods. It rained pretty much all week in New England so today was the first day i could get out and tune. I wanted to get a decent street tune in the car before putting it...
  10. Hoon

    APR Boost Tap

  11. Hoon

    Littco L450

  12. Hoon

    AEM 5 Bar w/ Boost Tap and Wiring Harness

    APR boost tap $40 5 bar and harness are sold. APR Boost Tap remains- $40 shipped
  13. Hoon

    Maestro Base Maps for 2017 GSW

    Someone has to have the 1.8 GSW Maestro a 2.0 guy out here :D Looking at tuning one of these with an IS38. Due to the 1.8 fueling limitations the owner is considering MPI. I want to review the maps before he buys anything. Post here or PM if you can help!
  14. Hoon

    WTB: Rev H or newer IS38

    Looking for an either new or low milage IS38 from an untuned car for a friend local to me. If you're selling one please PM me.
  15. Hoon

    Autotech HPFP for exchange

    I'm currently running an Autotech HPFP, but no longer need it and the software i'm using does not fully support it which is causing pressure spikes. It is not a hardware issue, pressure was perfect a few days ago on Cobb, but it's creeping excessively on Maestro and i do not have access the the...
  16. Hoon

    400whp GTI vs 525whp Cobra

    400whp GTI vs 540whp Cobra A friend recently picked up a super clean SN95 Cobra with a blower, made 540whp on the same dyno I use. Going to get together this weekend for a few fun runs. It's a stick car on DRs vs my car on street tires. Probably go from 60mph because it's still cold here. In...
  17. Hoon

    This thread isn't threadworthy

    But I'm making it anyway because I got the first kill on the new turbo Sat night :) I was cruising in the left lane at the usual 80-85, lowered 350z saw a modded car and decided he wanted to play. We played cat and mouse for a bit, both went WOT and man it was ugly. We both let out a few...
  18. Hoon

    IS38 vs Micropenismobile

    I realize i'll get some negative comments on this one, just know i don't care. I expect this to be my last IS38 adventure, so i'm sharing it anyway. Was stuck behind people blocking the left lane, when traffic exited I passed on the right so i could be on my merry way. This dickhead in a...
  19. Hoon

    Looks like i'm on the blown engine list

    Do not ever, ever, launch an MK7 GTI on 1/4 tank of fuel. LPFP sucked air drag racing last weekend, went lean (16:1 AFR on 29psi boost), detonated, caused a little bit of damage to the tops of pistons 1&4, but not a big deal. Crowns were perfect, compression was perfect, etc. Thought i got...
  20. Hoon

    New England Dragway - Sat 9/22

    Heading up to NED on Saturday the 22nd with a few friends for Test & Tune, if anyone is interested in joining LMK. I think Dutch is going to make the drive up (Stage 2 pro-tuned MK7), and another friend is bringing a stock Focus ST.