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  1. mr-fix

    Arteon Style Blind Spot Mirror Cap Installation

    I would love to move the blind spot led to the cap just to be able to replace the mirror with one from Passat or Arteon with dimming.
  2. mr-fix

    Rearview Camera Retrofit Help

    Low camera pinout: T4bt/1 - permanent 12V power supply (fuse 18, box C) T4bt/2 - permanent GND T4bt/4 - right reverse light (BCM, connector T73a, pin 64) - this will just trigger the camera, not power it. T2f/1 - video signal feed T2f/2 - video signal ground shield Coding in infotainment...
  3. mr-fix

    Retrofit Reverse Camera HIGH GTE 7.5

    You can also check this video. I've made it in Polish for a different YT channel, but you can see how some of the strategic parts look like in Variant/Kombi/Estate MK7.
  4. mr-fix

    Retrofit Reverse Camera HIGH GTE 7.5

    For me low trims are easier to work with. It's easier to clean them than ceiling (plastics vs fabric), quicker to remove (larger gaps to place the prying tool into), easier to put back (even if you don't align them properly you will not see it, because it's not in your sight). But all this might...
  5. mr-fix

    Adding Date to Composition Color Display

    AFAIK: in the top-left corner of the display you can only have your current position/street name (that's for Discover systems with GPS antenna) or your current driving profile (that's for cars with DRIVE button).
  6. mr-fix

    Retrofit Reverse Camera HIGH GTE 7.5

    As far as I know, you can guide the cables on the ceiling if you want for some reason. As long as the wiring harness is long enough to reach the main unit of course. Also you need to keep in mind that there are airbags/air curtains and you want the wiring to be guided behind them so the cables...
  7. mr-fix

    MIB2 to MIB2.5 for 9.2"

    Upgrade of the unit software is possible but it's not a DIY job AFAIK.
  8. mr-fix

    MIB1 and reverse camera compatibility

    You need to replace the main unit in the glovebox, so you can look for MIB1STD that supports RearViewCamera (anything higher than 819/820). Or you can go with MIB2 + new screen. Looking for MIB1STD will be cheaper as people retrofitting MIB2s are selling old units for next to nothing. But...
  9. mr-fix

    Help with coding front Fog retrofit on MK7.5

    OBDeleven 2nd gen with PRO license will do for both iOS and Android devices.
  10. mr-fix

    Help with coding front Fog retrofit on MK7.5

    I like both. OBDeleven is little bit easier when it comes to going though adaptation channels and subchannels. And it keeps changes history. VCDS works offline and has wired connection with the car which is more stable. I'm assuming that you are not considering Chinese clones with pirated software.
  11. mr-fix

    Help with coding front Fog retrofit on MK7.5

    OBDeleven with PRO license is enough, VCDS will do as well. Not sure if that's all: 1. First start with telling your car that light switch has now some new functions. Go to module 09, Long Coding, Byte 07, Bit 3 (Light Switch with front fogs installed) and enable it. Enter code 31347 in...
  12. mr-fix

    Convert $5 USB-to-Ethernet adapter into D-Link DUB-E100 for MIB2 hacking

    Exactly as @JettiGLI said. It's tricky but it's possible to go MIB2 to MIB2.5, convert between regions (ex. US to EU), even between brans (ex. Skoda to VW).
  13. mr-fix

    Convert $5 USB-to-Ethernet adapter into D-Link DUB-E100 for MIB2 hacking

    Update: this gives better results if used in step 8. #alternatively you can use PID 0x1a02 sudo ethtool -E eth1 magic 0xdeadbeef offset 0x0088 value 0x01 sudo ethtool -E eth1 magic 0xdeadbeef offset 0x0089 value 0x20 sudo ethtool -E eth1 magic 0xdeadbeef offset 0x008A value 0x02 sudo ethtool -E...
  14. mr-fix

    R- line headlights to R headlights.

    Both the Golf R lights and the standard/R-Line lights have two versions. With and without Dynamic Light Assist (DLA). Without DLA will have a simple high beam shutter controlled by module 09-BCM. With DLA will have a special shutter that rotates, has a different cut-out patterns, is controlled...
  15. mr-fix

    9.2 inch retrofit

    MIB2.5 STD (non-pro) was available both as Discover Media (with nav) and Composition Media (without nav). In both cases with 8 inch glass display: 5G6919605B MIB2 STD > MIB2.5 STD upgrade does not require changing the main unit. Just software update. If you have Technisat main unit (software...
  16. mr-fix

    9.2 inch retrofit

    AFAIK you can covert MIB2HIGH main unit into MIB2.5HIGH unit. The same goes for MIB2STD into MIB2.5STD. Your main unit (3Q0 035 842 C) is MIB2STD (MIB2 Discover Media) and it will not work with 9,2 inch screen. It will work with 8 inch screens (both prefacelight big screen from Discover Pro and...
  17. mr-fix

    Programming mirrors to unfold when unlocking

    Not sure if it will work, but check this: Module: 09, Adaptation, Channel: Spiegelverstellung, Subchannel: Signalisierung_Spiegelanklappung, new value: off/not active
  18. mr-fix

    12v socket in Variant boot

    visible from ~2:19 Check out wiring diagram and notice that there can be installed 3 sockets in a vehicle. Also 12V socket is not the same as cigarette lighter.
  19. mr-fix

    Getting Carplay/AA on this unit

    I've seen it on AliExpress.
  20. mr-fix

    Getting Carplay/AA on this unit

    ...or replace with patched one. Fully activated P&P units are around $300.