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    How is your COBB mounted?

    I used some heavy duty adhesive velcro to stick the AP between the left vent and the instrument cluster. It holds it very well and is easy to remove when needed. I routed the cable under the steering wheel and under the dash. Keeps it out of the way.
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    FS: JB4 with Bluetooth, no-tap O2 sensor harness, 3D printed airbox mount -SOLD-

    I don't know which group # it was purchased from BMS as, but JB4 groups 1-3 are the same unit. It's compatible with all EA888 Gen 3 engine cars such as Mk7/7.5 Golf Rs and GTIs.
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    FS: JB4 with Bluetooth, no-tap O2 sensor harness, 3D printed airbox mount -SOLD-

    For sale: JB4 with Bluetooth Connect kit. Plug-and-play O2 sensor extension harness to read AFR without having to tap the factory wiring. 3D-printed mount that locates the JB4 between the factory airbox and the battery. The mounts secures to the airbox using the rear two airbox screws. Had this...
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    Golf R Downpipe Install Help

    I fought this same issue yesterday with getting the engine rocked far enough to get the driveshaft realigned on the pilot shaft and dogbone mount holes aligned with the engine. What finally worked for me, and made it super easy, was putting a floor jack right under the bevel box and slowly...
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    JB4 Logging, stacking and Map 6 Discussion

    I've been running map 1 on my stock 2016 R since I got a JB4, but just logged a map 2 pull to see how well that works. I'm limited to 92 pump gas, unfortunately. As far as I can tell, this log looks good. What do you guys think? 3rd gear pull, outside air temp about 77 deg F at the time...
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    2016 Golf R Center Cubby - broken - Please Help

    I used a dremel with a cutoff wheel to cut a slot in the head of the screw, which allowed me to get a big flathead screwdriver on it. Try that.