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  1. edrex

    Need advice on dialing in coilovers

    Hi all, Just got my EQT coilovers installed but haven't had much chance to test them out. Whats the best way to figure out how soft/firm I should set them? So far I've run them on full soft and had some pretty bad oversteer when moderately accelerating from a stop while turning left. Only...
  2. edrex

    Critique my newb detailing plan

    Hi all, I've always used automatic car washes. Convenience sucked me in. Ready to try something different with the GTI. Goal is to keep things somewhat on the easy/beginner level while protecting the paint and looking good. Hopefully keep to 2-3 in depth wash/waxes per year with regular...
  3. edrex

    Want to learn more...

    Hi all, I understand the basics of how engines work, but when it comes to ECU's I'm lost. My GTI is stage 1 and I'd like to learn more about reading logs and understanding what's going on. So far googling has resulted in either too basic or way too technical results, but nothing in the middle...
  4. edrex

    Paddle shifter installation gone wrong

    Hi all, Got a set of paddle shifter replacements from AliExpress. Read and watched videos on how to install and gave it a shot. The pins came out fairly easily as expected. Three problems arose: first, when I installed the first one (+ side) and replaced the pin the shifter was locked in...
  5. edrex

    How To: Dim/Blackout Passenger Airbag Light

    Here’s a quick walkthrough on how to black out (or access the LEDs to use your own method of dimming) the Passenger Airbag lights in the center of our dash. 1. Remove Hazard/Airbag trim piece. I used a trim removal tool and lightly pushed it under the ridge on the outside of the trim. It...