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  1. Bernb6

    TPMS - aftermarket recommendations - Schrader?

    I'm looking for a tire pressure monitoring system with digital readout, mostly for my track days. There seems to be two styles, one using caps that go on the existing stems and the other using OEM style sensors that are installed inside each wheel (e.g. this one on Amazon: Shrader on Amazon)...
  2. Bernb6

    Ambient: 73 - Oil: 275 - overheating & misfires at Sonoma

    My first day at the track in my GTI surprised me in a bad way. As in the title, the day was cool - 73 mid-day - but oil temps got pretty high and EPC/CEL came on in the fourth session. OBDC said misfires on cylinders 1 & 3 as well as random misfires. Needless to say, that was the end of my...
  3. Bernb6

    An easier lift - with just one lift under each license plate

    I have a very narrow driveway and don't have enough width to use a jack on both sides. So, I looked at how to lift the car with just one jack point under the engine and one at the rear. The front has all the weight and is the more critical situation. There are two vertical struts welded to...
  4. Bernb6

    Help - what have I missed on the Macan hose? No slot for clip.

    As photo shows, the Macan hose (right) does not have a slot similar to the GTI hose so cannot take the clip to hold the hose in place where it connects to the GTI's hard line. I've searched this thread for "hose" but do not find anything regarding this. The car is currently up in the air with...
  5. Bernb6

    WTB Stoptech ST40

    Looking for a good set of Stoptech ST40 calipers and 2 piece rotors for my 2017 Mk7. Bern