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    Screwed by one of Carvana's Body Shops

    I'm in need of advice on how to get my car fixed-up after a body shop damaged it. It's a long and frustrating story. But, the short of it is I sent my 2015 GTI purchased from Carvana to a body shop within their network for some basic cosmetic repair. The job was straight forward, so I didn't...
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    Rear Seat Delete

    Are there any kits out there to replace the rear seats? Only one I'm aware of is: But, they're out of business. OEM is $850 for some carpet...
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    Black Grime?

    I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I have these black spots over various parts of the car and it's not coming off with a regular wash. Is this going to have to be buffed out? What would you guys recommend?
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    Standard LSD - Pre 2019?

    Hey, sorry for the stupid question, but I thought the LSD was not standard on the older model years and only came with the PP? I'm looking at the window sticker of a couple SE's and the VAQ LSD is listed as standard equipment. No mention of the performance pack either...
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    2015 GTI OEM Rear Sway Bar

    $60 shipped.
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    034 Motorsports Dogbone Insert Version 1

    $25 shipped.
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    FS: K&N Typhoon Intake

    $200 shipped within US. SOLD
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    Anyone Else Have this Happen On DSG's?

    After going from reverse to drive, when I hit the gas the car will rev up for a few seconds before actually engaging and moving. Sometimes, I won't be on the gas yet and the car will rev up on its own, settle down, and then rev up again. All while the clutch is not yet engaged and the car not...
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    Falken Azenis RT-615k w/OEM Austin's

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    WTB Stock air intake

    Pm me with pics if you're looking to sell the full oem intake system.
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    FS: H&R 26mm RSB

    One of my favorite mods, but I'm selling my car and parting out. This drastically improved handling, eliminating under-steer while still being comfortable for a DD. Only about 2k miles on it. Asking $200 shipped.
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    FS: 2015 GTI S DSG low miles (Western PA)

    Looking to sale my well cared for and tastefully modded GTI. This car is in perfect condition, drives great and looks just as good. There is some minor cosmetic damage to a couple of the wheels, but other than that everything is in great condition. Car: 2015 VW GTI S w/DSG (no additional...
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    Accidently left brake fluid cap off

    Excuses aside, I accidentally flushed two of my breaks without the brake fluid reservoir cap on. I was flushing the manual method, pumping my brakes. Just wondering if there's any chance that I sucked in a lot of air? The reservoir was pretty much filled to the top, so I'm thinking I should be...
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    FS: Cobb AccessPort

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    FS: Stock GTI Intake

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    Affordable Pads and Rotors

    Is there an affordable pad out there that can perform double duty? Be able to holdup at the track while still being streetable as well? Streetable to me is simply being able to operate well within lower temps. I'm not worried about noise or brake dust. I know Pagid is highly recommended, but...
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    Scrub Radius

    Anyone know what the scrub radius is on the GTI's stock setup? Wondering if anyone may have already calculated this.
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    More Feels! MK7 GTI Build for Street and HPDE

    Unreal's 2015 GTI DSG S Build Thread My overall goal is to create a more visceral, communicative and sportier GTI. I do plan on taking my car to HPDE's and drag strips and will document that experience here as well. Expect most of my mods to be centered around handling, but really tightening...