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    Perelli Cinturato P7 anyone?

    I just replaced my stock Hankooks since they wore down to the bars. I replaced them after doing a good bit of homework on TIre Rack with the Cinturato P7s. I read the test results from Tire Rack comparing them to the Continental DWS 06 and the P7 chart results for dry track were pretty much...
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    TPMS maintenance

    Installation costs for tires often list TPMS maintenance as a line item in the installation package, along with its applicable charge. Is this maintenance anything more than the installer resetting the target pressure on the dash display? Thanks
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    Does speed rating have much affect on general handling?

    I was looking on Tire Rack at the often mentioned here Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ and see that it comes in different speed ratings. the W and Y are classed as an ultra hipo tire, and the H rating is just hipo (not ultra hipo). How much of a difference does this make in wet/dry grip, and general...
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    Tranny question

    I am hoping someone can help me understand something I notice with my MK7. When I am going down a long steep hill from my house, I often switch from automatic to manual mode and use 2nd gear to control my speed down the hill. There are times while I do this that the transmission seems to...
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    Sway bar for Regular Golf

    It seems most of the research I have done on this forum pertains to GTI/R so I wanted to ask a few questions for my reg Golf. Not really suspension related but what do we call our Golfs that are not GTI/R? (since they are also Golfs) I would like to go with a stiffer RSB. Tire rack has the...
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    Looking for some basic suspension info/help

    Hi All, First post here, and not sure I am on the best forum for the question, or if I should be on the wheels/tires/brakes/suspension forum.. I have been doing some searches to improve some handling issues with my new Golf and pretty much all results come back for GTIs. Anyways, I just...