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  1. Gomze


    hi friends, I would like your opinion because I am thinking of replacing my 06k145702Q first revision mk7 gti turbo, because it is starting to have quite a few kilometers and I am afraid it will explode I saw that littco was making a turbo hybrid Is20 l340x does anyone know turbo? opinions ...
  2. Gomze

    02 sensor 1 P2195

    hello everyone, who have already had a problem with their lambda bank 1 sensor, sensor 1 on their golf 7 gti perf? because I get a P2195 code every 200/300 miles known issues? an oem reference to order the part? all info is welcome my car: jb4, downpipe 200 cell, twincooler greetings from france 😉
  3. Gomze

    p2195 o2

    p2195 hello I have a golf 7 gti performance 230cv I just received the cell P2195, 02 sensor signal stuck lean bank 1 sensor 1, I am therefore looking for the OE number to order the part have a good day
  4. Gomze

    Diameter exhaust

    hello friends I just bought a 200 cell downpipe in 76.1 mm I would like to buy a reducer to mount it on my original cat back of golf 7 gti performance from 2014 the original cat back measures 63.5 mm or 65 mm I currently have nothing to lift the car and check is there someone who has already...
  5. Gomze

    Downpipe 200cell vs oem

    hi friends, I own a golf 7 gti with twincooler and jb4 . I want to fit a downpipe with 200 cell sport catalyst on the car currently I am in map 6 clutch economy with + 4.5 psi I ask myself several questions is the oem downpipe really restrictive? how much HP does it add ?? Does this improve the...
  6. Gomze

    hissing, high-pitched noise

    Hello friends I have a noise when the turbo is charging hard between 3000/4500 rpm for 1/2 seconds. "the noise looks like a beep" at 5000/6500 trs the car no longer makes the noise I thought about a wastergate problem ideas ? pcv? wastergate? the car drives very well and without cell have a good day
  7. Gomze

    Downpipe oem

    hi guys i would like to know the difference between the downpipe golf 7 gti europe and the downpipe on golf 7 gti usa because in europe we have 1 catalysts who knows the cell number of catalysts?