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  1. Maiden69

    OBDEleven Front Axle Differential Lock

    Hi guys, I downloaded a full backup of my car to study it and try to understand how adaptations work and see if there is anything additional I can do to my car that has not been done or published. I have a 2020 GTI SE with the Performance Pck. While reading the adaptations of module 44 I...
  2. Maiden69

    P029900 2020 GTI COBB Stg1 93 tune

    Good morning, I recently tuned my GTI with COBB stage 1 93 octane and DSG tune. The car runs great, but 2 days ago as I was leaving work and getting on the merge ramp I had to step on it to get ahead a pick up with a trailer dropping rocks all over the highway. At the top of 3rd gear the EPC...