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    VW Goal Wheels With Winter Tires

    Not sure of the weight on these. Tires are 225/45R-17
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    VW Goal Wheels With Winter Tires

    Bump, now's that we're getting in to the colder weather and winter will be here soon, grab this awesome winter setup before they're gone. This complete set is ready to go and even fits the Golf R and GTI with Performance Pack brakes. Local pickup in Chicago. Cash or Venmo. Thanks!
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    What are you guys paying for insurance?

    I wouldn't say that the thread is "pointless". I was just curious how much of a spread there is on people's premiums, to 'see what's possible', so to speak. Too many factors determine what people to pay to make any true comparisons, I understand that, but post #3 does answer one question: why is...
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    What are you guys paying for insurance?

    I know these numbers seem to be all over the place, but I'm currently paying $575 every 6 month for my 2017 GTI which seems really expensive to me given my age and stats. Interestingly, I had my agent run a quote on a $70k Cayman GT4 and the quoted premium was LESS than I pay for my GTI. Makes...
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    Double Apex Garage Door Control

    Note, they only do a run of these every so often. If you send them an email and let them know you want one, they'll let you know when they make some more.
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    Double Apex Garage Door Control

    Recently installed the Double Apex garage door opener kit, which replaces the blanks to the right of the gear lever with integrated buttons for opening one or two garage doors. They look absolutely OEM and function perfectly. This was a totally unnecessary mod as all it spared me from was having...
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    VW Goal Wheels With Winter Tires

    Bumping these.
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    VW Goal Wheels With Winter Tires

    Hi, I am selling a set of OEM VW Goal wheels wrapped in Goodyear Ultragrip Ice WRT XL tires with less than 500 miles on them. Wheels are silver and include the VW center caps. They are in really nice shape, no curb rash. One wheel has a small scuff (see photo). For those who don't know, the goal...
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    Oil change in Chicago?

    Usually change my own oil because I'm very particular about my cars, but due to a lack time, space, energy and easy oil disposal, I'm looking to pay someone. Could go to a dealer but figured I'd ask if anyone here knows a good indy shop in/near Chicago that does good work for reasonable prices...
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    Good Indy Oil Change Shop in Chicago

    I've always preferred to do my own oil changes, but for a couple different reasons, I'm looking for just pay someone to do it this time around. Any good indy shops in/near Chicago who use the right stuff and do good work for a reasonable price? Thanks!
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    I love this car...

    Maybe it's because it's my first German car or first turbo'd car, or maybe it's because the last-newest car I owned was a 2006, or maybe it's because the GTI has been refined to perfection over many generations, but I love this thing! It's so freaking nice, inside and out. Of course, 'nice' is...
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    After one year of ownership

    I bought my 2017 GTI Autobahn, 6M, PP almost a year ago. I've done a little over 6,000 miles, mostly urban errand running and a couple longer road trips, and thought I'd share my appreciation for the car. This is my first VW, and the car has been an absolute pleasure to own and use. It is bone...
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    Time Bandits; GTI vs WRX vs Civic Si vs Cooper S

    I had pretty much already decided on the GTI when I read this article a few years ago, but it didn't hurt:) A year into my ownership, I am still impressed with what a fantastic overall package the GTI is...
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    Questions about changing wheels

    2017 GTI, looking to install my winter wheels, have a couple of questions: 1) Are the wheel bolts the same for the VW Austin wheels (summer) and VW Goal wheels (winter)? Do I need specific bolts for the winter wheels or can I just swap the wheels out and use the same bolts? 2) I'm not sure...
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    Jack pads to protect pinch welds?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some sort of jack pad to use when lifting my GTI with my floor jack, but I'm not sure which style I need or what the specs should be. For example, how wide/deep does the slot on the pad need to be? Does anyone have one they are using that works well? I do not want...
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    2012 Triumph Daytona 675R, 5800 miles, Chicago

    I have decided to sell my super clean 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R with 5800 miles. I am the second owner and the bike has been adult owned and maintained it's entire life. Bought and owned in Florida for the first 5 years of it's life. Never tracked, never driven hard, never raced, never driven in...
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    Service Reminder Reset in Autobahn (push-button start)

    I have a 2017 GTI Autobahn, 6M with the push-button start. How do you reset the Oil Change Now! reminder? The only answers I've seen are for the keyed ignition cars. Thanks!
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    FS: New mk7 GTI Monster Mats

    $80 pick-up in Chicago. Thanks!
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    FS: New GTI Monster Mats

    Hi, I have a set of brand new VW Monster Mats with the red GTI lettering. I bought these and the WeatherTech mats and decided to stick with the WeatherTech. Pick up in/near Chicago. $80. Thanks!