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    Superpro Lower Control Arm Kit (not the alloy one) Does/has anybody run these? What can you tell me? 40k on the odo and my stockers are starting to get noisy. Wondering if this would be a good option. Don’t really see...
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    If you’ve parked in a municipal parking garage…

    …and found white stains on your paint and/or glass, this is for you: My wife and I went to the USO in nyc. Parked the car in a garage for 3 days. When we picked the car up, noticed a bunch of white droplets on the windshield, glass, and paint. Didn’t think much of it at the time. Car was...
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    PP Brake refresh in the age of Covid?

    Closing in on 40k on the clock on a ‘17 GTI sport. Original brake rotors have a substantial lip at all 4 corners. There’s some pad life left, but it does seem like this will need to be done sooner rather than later. Recently some mild pulsing under a hard braking / highway stop situation has...