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  1. ZERO815

    MIB2 - fault 7223 - Function Restricted due to Missing Message(s)

    Hey, Car is a NA '17 GTI SE that came w/ MIB2, carplay, RVC, bluetooth, no NAV. Last fall I retrofitted the 8"screen from a MK7.5 to it. Ever since I have the following fault although everything appears to be working correct: Address 5F: Information Electr. (J794) Labels:|...
  2. ZERO815

    How to add a fuse to the cabin fuse box in a couple of minutes

    The cabin fuse box has multiple empty cavities with terminal 30 and terminal 15. For my tow hook wiring and headlight washers wiring I started looking into adding fuses w/o braking stuff or removing the dashboard. Looking at the fuse box from the backside, some of the cavities have the VW...
  3. ZERO815

    FS: GTI / R - pair of OEM shift paddles

    OEM shift paddles including electronics for sale. Used, fully functional. Asking $95 shipped.
  4. ZERO815

    FS: 2017 GTI SE Stock Struts and Springs 5k miles - ready to install

    For sale is a OEM suspension set of a 2017 GTI with 5k miles. - Front Struts with Springs and Top Mounts assembled (never took apart) - Rear Shocks with nuts, jounce bumpers, dust boots. No rear Top Mount included. - Rear Springs with pads Asking $222. Prefer local pick up in Cincinnati...
  5. ZERO815

    MK7R & MK7.5R windshield washer bottle incl. sensor | Water/Meth bottle for MK7 & MK7

    MK7R & MK7.5R windshield washer bottle incl. sensor | Water/Meth bottle for MK7 & MK7 Top condition. 2 piece used windshield washer for MK7R and MK7.5R for sale. Came out of a low mileage VW test vehicle from Germany. 5Q0955449AT lower bottle 5Q0955449AF upper bottle 7L0955489 grommet between...
  6. ZERO815

    MK7 tail light bulb change - Paper clip trick

    Changing the rear Brake/Parking light bulb can be a PITA because the wires are really short. So what’s the solution then? Pull harder? Just unlock the connector housing from the bulb housing with a paper clip.!AmJd4ZO6GXRhg0nO6Gbxm57wl-sd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS MK7.5 Dynamic LED Tail Light harness for MK7

    Adapter harness for NAR MK7 to MK7.5 Dynamic LEDs. Comes with detailed coding list. No flickering or faults. Plug, Code and Play without splicing, soldering or pinning. VW OEM connectors and Nano automotive pigtail connectors. Functions: - Dynamic Turn Signal - Parking lights - Brake lights -...
  8. ZERO815

    FS: Set of European Amber Tail lights

    Used OEM Cherry Red EURO MK7 tail light set with Amber Turn Signals and single Fog light. No chips, no broken parts, light car wash scratches. Asking USD160 shipped to US. PayPal Friends&Family Location 45040 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ZERO815

    Heated seats: Different temperature on seat and back rest

    I was wondering if there is a way to adjust the temperature for seat and backrest on the MK7. After a long day of work I personally really enjoy a heated back but I’m not a real fan of a heated butt. Scrolling through Control unit 9 with my obdeleven I saw “Seat heater level current...