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  1. ZERO815

    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Try the following: Leuchte16BLK SLB35BLK SL KC9-Lichtfunktion A 16 to "Aktive Blinkfunktion hat ein auf 1 gesetztes zugeordnetes Bit in pa_dynamisch_blinken" Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3-Lichtfunktion A 17 to "Aktive Blinkfunktion hat ein auf 1 gesetztes zugeordnetes Bit in...
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    MK7 Confessions

    Too late but I was thinking about it too.
  3. ZERO815

    MK7 Confessions

    Last week failed TÜV inspection because of Eibach springs. Had all documents (ABE) on hand. Background: It's an US car imported to Germany. After a long inspiring discussion between the TÜV engineer and a vehicle dynamics engineer myself I know now: Only because VWoA calls it a Golf 7 and it...
  4. ZERO815

    Tail light, reverse and fog not working.

    The accordion grommets between body and hatch door.
  5. ZERO815

    Tail light, reverse and fog not working.

    Find the water source and stop it. Is the foam tail light seal intact? By any chance are the hatch door grommets damaged or misplaced? To fix your tail light get a new bulb housing from the dealer. W/ my knowledge and tools I would unlock the brown connector, remove all 4 terminals, cut them...
  6. ZERO815

    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights - is it okay to have?

    There are many ways to individualize the dynamic turn signal behavior on VW OEM dynamic tails. There's no general solution, just a general idea of how it works. It all depends on the harness/wiring schematic you use. The dynamic turn signal function needs to be powered from one light channel...
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    Best All season tires?

    Just an idea 💡 Over here in Germany I have the Michelin CrossClimate 2 on 2 vehicles. Wouldn’t use them for skiing trips to the alps but so far they are doing great.
  8. ZERO815

    SOLD: MK7 Euro LED tails (ed's type) with progressive turn signals and harness
  9. ZERO815

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Italian tune up on German A1 at 10X mph as every morning on my way to work. Then there was this long right downhill turn. I let her roll, and dang we hit the speed limiter (again at the same section). Might have to get her unlimited soon.
  10. ZERO815

    SOLD: MK7 Euro LED tails (ed's type) with progressive turn signals and harness

    There’s no generic coding, it’s always harness specific. I’m sorry to say that but the above coding doesn’t work on NA cars. It is a special coding for Damians issue (linked thread) w/ an European vehicle!
  11. ZERO815

    ODBeleven disable 3rd brake light error message help?

    Take notes of your factory coding, and then try the following: Leuchte22BR MA57-Lampendefektbitposition 22 to "00" Leuchte22BR MA57-Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 22 to "00"
  12. ZERO815

    center console buttons not working

    85-90km on a full tank? Being in sport mode can’t be the only reason. Check if the wiring to the center console buttons is even connected.
  13. ZERO815

    MK7 Confessions

    Same here. '76 VW 181. Sold it after 19years of ownership...
  14. ZERO815

    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Please see attached pdf. The left column shows the NA MK7.5 factory settings, middle column DAPs settings (to my knowledge), right column my recommendations for the DAP harness.
  15. ZERO815

    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Typically "Module incorrectly coded" comes from a non-correct selected "Lasttyp". To be fair to the harness manufacture, some vehicles don't like every Lasttyp. Because of your earlier tail light fault I guess you are using DAPs harness, is that correct? Unfortunately there isn't "a" spreadsheet...
  16. ZERO815

    MK7.5 OEM LED Tails

    Set "Fehlerort mittleres Byte DTC-DFCC 17" to "0" (OBDeleven) or "00" (VCDS).