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  1. JC_451

    Sad about Kobe.

    Not much to say, just, I'm pretty sad about it.
  2. JC_451

    Police chase ends in...a dog biting someone They really punish this guy for running.
  3. JC_451

    GTI vs. Honda Pilot

    Cruising on the highway not to far from where I live, a fair amount of traffic for almost 7 in the evening. Just minding my own business when the Pilot in the right lane just drifts into my lane, no signal, doing 5 miles an hour less than the speed limit. This is where keeping it real goes...
  4. JC_451

    Stock 6mt 2017 GTi launching

    Hello everyone, my first post, not sure if this is the proper place for it goes. I've owned the car for almost a month now, just over 1100 on the odometer, already been through the break in period including using a lot of the advice I picked up on here. I absolutely love the car...