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  1. vj123

    FS: MK7.5 GTI exhaust, paddles, mats, obd11

    I am selling below items as i have sold my 2019 GTI. All these items are lightly used and are in an excellent condition. AWE track exhaust - Racingline paddles -...
  2. vj123

    Sold: OBDeleven PRO Pack - Next Generation

  3. vj123

    FS: Racingline Paddle Extension (Piano Black)

    I am listing my Racingline Paddle Extension VWR49G700 (Piano Black) for sale and its in an excellent condition. I am asking $160 shipped to any of the lower 48 states + Paypal fee. Selling this item as i have sold my 2019 GTI.
  4. vj123

    Sold: MK7.5 GTI AWE track exhaust in MI

  5. vj123

    Hummer EV - SUV & Truck

    One more suv is coming to the market (Hummer EV) - With the info released, i think it will be a great rival to the upcoming Rivians.
  6. vj123

    Few suggestions

    Hello Mods, i am not sure if below issues were considered in the past. - Buyer / Seller feedback section in classifieds. - Way to contact mods (through email or any other means) if we are locked out of the forum. I am bringing up issue 2 as i was banned from the forum couple of months back...
  7. vj123

    How long before GTIs become hybrid.

    Next gen (IV) Skoda Octavia vRS was unveiled yesterday and the vehicle will be equipped with hybrid powertrain (1.4 litre engine coupled with 85kw electric motor). Octavia vRS shares most components with our beloved GTIs and it might...
  8. vj123

    Sold: Monster mats (like new)

  9. vj123

    SOLD: OEM tires

  10. vj123

    Sold: OEM GTI mats and trunk liner

  11. vj123


  12. vj123

    Sold: OEM GTI carpet mats (like new)

  13. vj123

    SOLD: Splash guard

  14. vj123

    New R logo for performance models

    VW has updated their R logo for all of their performance vehicles.
  15. vj123

    Swap: 18" Pretoria with 19" Pretoria wheels and tires

    I might be taking delivery of my GTI Rabbit this month end and thinking about swapping stock Rabbit wheels & tires (18" Pretoria black) with stock R wheels & tires (19" Pretoria black). I am trying to make a deal with one of the dealers in DC area and can do this swap right after taking delivery...
  16. vj123

    Your ideal final edition MK7 GTI

    We might still receive 2020 and 2021 MY GTIs under current MK7 platform if VW follows the past trend of launching new platforms in US a couple of years after Europe. Assuming the aforesaid scenario, what would be your ideal final edition GTI for this platform. Lets compile something realistic...
  17. vj123

    Station wagon sales

    Station wagon sales have increased by 29% last year. Will this make OEMs to bring in some exciting cars to our shore.
  18. vj123

    How much driving is a lot?

    Million miles in 5 years is a quite impressive feat.
  19. vj123

    Manufacturing video - Honda Accord

    It was an interesting video capturing the whole manufacturing process.