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    Faint lines in front windshield from ice scraping

    My previous car I used a small metal edged ice scraper, similar to the below photo. Extremely popular on Amazon. Never had any issues, but after doing it once on my GTI I noticed very faint lines in the morning, as if I had damaged/dug into some kind of film. The water rolls down and hits these...
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    U.S. warranty in Europe question

    For a US spec/US purchased GTI MKVII that is shipped to Europe, is the factory warranty still valid?? Is the extended warranty valid? And as a follow up, whether the answer is yes or no, is the warranty affected upon return to the U.S.? The vehicle was purchased about 1 year ago with...
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    Eurodyne tune useless if ECU manufacture date is past 01 March

    FYI, in case you haven't got the word. Supposedly they are working on a solution, but for now, there isn't one.
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    17" Winter wheels - Help me choose!

    My vehicle is a Reflex Silver MK7 PP 4dr. Sparco Pro Corsa - Light Grey painted OZ Superturismo LM - Matte Graphite OZ Superturismo GT - Matte Grey
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    Vehicle comes from factory with front plate holes???

    Can someone confirm this? I was just told this by my dealer, but i've never heard ANYTHING about this prior to that.
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    Is the Factory Order Number 6 or 8 digits??

    My dealer sent me a six digit "factory order number": GTI – 537xxx. Did she forget some numbers?? The VW tracker page asks for 8 digits. Anyone know whats going on?? Thanks.