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  1. flipflp

    EMD RS3 Springs - SoCal

    Cleaning up the garage a bit. Located in San Gabriel 91775. Prices Negotiable. EMD Auto RS3 lowering springs, higher rate than any other VW GIT/R springs but forward raked slightly (F25", R25.75"+) Used for 20-25k miles with B8s $150 For ride height, here are Motegi MR140s (Also for sale!) on...
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    Set of 4 Nitto 555G2 235/35-19 Tires SoCal - SOLD

    Nitto NT-555G2 Tires 235/35-19, maybe 10k miles on them? SOLD
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    Garage Sale - RS3 Springs, OEM Resonator SoCal

    Cleaning up the garage a bit. Located in San Gabriel 91775. Would prefer local pickup/meet but will consider shipping at buyer's expense for some items. More pics available upon request. Prices Negotiable. OEM Resonator $25 (delete SOLD) Long shot here but EMD Auto RS3 lowering springs...
  4. flipflp

    Rotiform DTM 19x8.5 ET45 Wheels Only - SoCal - SOLD

    Selling my Rotiform DTMs, brand new wheel style. Wheel specs are 19x8.5 ET45 (hub rings included to VW 57.10mm hub). Will include lug bolts. One wheel is brand new, the other 3 have ~1000 miles on them and only light marks from mounting and dismounting tires. SOLD.
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    Lowering Rear Suspension to Reduce Rake

    Does anyone know of a way to lower the rear of the car without adjustable suspension, either through cutting the springs (within reason, and I doubt that), removing an isolator, installing a thinner isolator, etc.? The long story is that I'm running lowering springs from EMD designed for the...
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    Ask Me Anything: Lug Nut, Bolts and Wheel Locks!

    I've been throwing around the idea of this post for a while now and I hope this can be a helpful resource for the forum. If you're not familiar with Reddit, /IAmA is a subforum on Reddit where people with interesting life experiences, occupations or specialized talents can answer questions. I...
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    Konig Rennform 18x9 ET45 w/235/40 Continental ECS Tires - SoCal

    Hi All, up for sale are my Konig Rennforms. They have about 10k miles on them, no curb rash, rims are straight. Some minor paint blems on ends of spokes. Tires still have a lot of life but at least 2 tires have nails in them. They do not leak, or if they do its incredibly slow. These can be put...
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    034 Motorsports X34 Carbon Intake w/Filter Cleaning Kit

    Selling my 034 Intake, it's been on the car for ~30k miles and has been a great intake. Increased flow and great looks without too much added noise as it's a closed intake that uses the OEM lower intake box. SOLD One bemish on top of the intake was repaired by 034, hardly noticeable on the car...
  9. flipflp

    US Mill Works Tow Hook Plate Mount

    This has been on my car for ~35k miles and it's been solid. Replaced with a different mount recently. SOLD! Aside from some fading of the anodizing on the top of the mount it's in great shape. Includes 4 stainless steel screws and washers. 20190210_194547 by Jon Collier, on Flickr...
  10. flipflp

    Emmanuele Design/eMMotion Golf R Lowering Springs

    Selling my ED/eMMotion Golf R lowering spring set. Was on the car for ~25k miles and rode/handled great. Includes unused rear spring pads to remove any reverse rake your car may have. SOLD! 20181201_155626 by Jon Collier, on Flickr Car looked like this, rode great on the OEM shocks and...
  11. flipflp

    ED Golf R Springs, OEM Golf R Springs and Shocks - SoCal

    Would love local sales only but I can get shipping quotes as well. Located in San Gabriel, CA and I work south of DTLA. ED Golf R Springs $180 (used for ~25k miles): 20181201_155626 by Jon Collier, on Flickr Car looked like this, rode great on the OEM shocks and Bilsteins: IMG_20170812_102927...
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    Flow design/maxton aero parts for sale SoCal These parts don't ship well! Let me know if you have any questions! Sent from my LG-H931 using Tapatalk
  13. flipflp

    Flow Design Front and Side Aero, Maxton Rear Diffuser

    Hi All, I'm selling my lower Aero bits. I'm in SoCal and would like to do a local sale only currently, no shipping. I'd really like these gone, so I've lowered my asking prices significantly! All parts are Mk7 R specific. Flow Designs has recently moved to V3 and removed all the older first...
  14. flipflp

    Helix Soundbox Upgrade Information Post!

    Hi All, I wanted to make a thread specifically for posting information, experiences, advice, unique mods, issues, grievances, etc. for the VW Accessory Helix Soundbox upgrade. Ideally, I'd like to try and keep posts here to information to assist users in installing, programming, and using their...
  15. flipflp

    Audi RS3 Reverse Staggered Tire option

    I just saw on the Audi RS3 build page that in their "Dynamic Package" you get a set of 255/30-19 Front and 235/35-19 Rear staggered tires. Just based on the two tire sizes, a 255/30 is 25.1" diameter and a 235/35 is a 25.5" diameter. Admitting ignorance here, but will the haldex system be okay...
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    Kill All Wipers Rear Wiper Delete

    SOLD! Also selling Neuspeed Power Module, ECS Steel Oil Pan kit, check my other posts! Thank you!
  17. flipflp

    Pinalloy Black Paddle Extensions

    SOLD! Also selling Neuspeed Power Module, ECS Steel Oil Pan Kit, check my other posts!
  18. flipflp

    Neuspeed Power Module, ECS Metal Oil Pan Kit

    SOLD!!! Neuspeed Power Module 64.10.15 used for about 9 months, good for GTIs, Rs, A3 1.8T and 2.0T - SOLD ECS Tuning Steel Oil Pan kit, new ECS# 3085904 includes bolts - SOLD
  19. flipflp

    R MHGERD - 2016 Golf R DSG Oryx White - The "not a build thread" build thread

    R MHGERD - 2016 Golf R DSG Oryx White Hi All, I've been meaning to start one of these for a few months now, here goes! Previous car - 2012 VW CC: VW CC VMR V702 by Jon Collier, on Flickr CC26530rearqtr by Jon Collier, on Flickr GIAC Stage 2, FBO, VMR V702 19x9.5 with 265/30 Pilot Super...