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  1. J

    Thank you!

    Y’all probably don’t know me because I don’t post very much. I joined this forum 4 years ago after purchasing a 2016 GTI, and have probably visited it 5-10 times a day since. This forum is been both a tremendous resource, and an escape from daily stresses. While I still love the GTI, it...
  2. J

    Battery Cover Woes

    For those that want the battery cover...take mine. This is the second time this year I’ve found a chicken bone on top of mine. Damn DC rats. Any recommendations to help me evict my tenant? Apparently it's a thing..
  3. J

    Interior Exhaust Smell

    I’ve come to a conclusion that this car is more susceptible to drawing in unpleasant exhaust odors than any other car I’ve owned, or have long term experience with. Have others noticed the same? I’ve owned the car for 3.5 years, have 29k miles on it, and am on my 5th cabin air filter. I tried...
  4. J

    Door damage. Advice needed ASAP

    My neighbor rented out her spot to somebody with a truck for extra income. Today I noticed some damage on my passenger front door. As you can see, it matches up with the truck perfectly. The first picture is my car, and the second is his door. I contacted the owner and he said “it seems...
  5. J

    WTB: Driver side mirror glass

    Looking for a leff/driver exterior rear view mirror (glass only). Not looking for the curved blind spot mirror. Thanks.
  6. J

    Front end banging/knocking (with video)

    Everything has been great with my car until the drive home from work today. Almost immediately after leaving I started to hear a banging from the front end. From my observation the banging only occurs when my foot is off the gas (I have a DSG that is completely stock). Application of the...
  7. J

    Piano black exterior sunroof surround

    Does anyone know if it is possible to remove the piano black u-shaped trim that surrounds the sunroof? I've been chasing the source of the creaking and popping sounds that my sunroof makes, and am convinced this piece is involved. I'm pretty sure the dealer removed it when my leak was...
  8. J

    What happens at the port, stays at the port...(until now).

  9. J

    WTB Driver Side Mirror (Glass Only)

    I installed the power folding mirrors and cracked my original driver side mirror glass. Have the curved blind spot installed and hate it. Looking for mirror glass only.
  10. J

    Dirty projector, deformed dash, what would you do?

    I've had my car for 11 months now, and have a couple quality related issues and questions. First, the projector on my driver side xenon headlight is very dirty looking when compared to the passenger side and has what appears to be a scratch or something stuck to it. Second, during the PPI I...
  11. J

    Check your insurance coverage!

    Please make sure you have adequate coverage on your car.... Over the weekend a truck tire blew and I had no choice but to run it over. Not only did it take out the bumper cover, but bent the condenser, intercooler, and radiator. Geico will only replace with used/LKQ/crash parts on my 3-month...
  12. J

    Dash Help

    I'm just wondering if this is normal? The dashboard is slightly raised around the corners of the airbag (I think?). I thought it was discolored at first, but seems to be raised a bit. Whenever I turn toward the passenger side it catches my attention. Dealer won't acknowledge a problem.