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  1. up4speed

    Recently installed Racing Line catch can and have a few questions

    I installed the Racing Line catch can / PCV plate approximately 600-700miles ago (approx 500 are street miles). I have one track day with about six 20 minute sessions on it as well (125 track miles). I drained the tank today, and this is what came out, it is about 100 CC's or 3.3 OZ. First...
  2. up4speed

    Which brake rotor brand is better for track use?

    I have been using the Stop Tech Cryo treated blank rotors (non PP) with Ferodo 2500 pads, and have been happy with them. They have held up very well to the heat, with zero warping. My only complaint is that they seemed to get heat checking after 6 or 7 track days (see attached photos). I...
  3. up4speed

    Opinion on Michelin PS4S VS Michelin PS Cup2's

    I am currently running the PS4S on street and track. I really liked them on the track, but not totally happy with the way they were wearing. I know that a big part of my issue is that the car can use more camber, but I am going to leave it stock for now. I drive it very fast on the track, but...
  4. up4speed

    Question regarding street/track brake pads on non PP brakes (Ferodo vs iSweep)

    I currently have the Ferodo DS2500 on the front of the car, and EBC Yellowstuff in the rear (Ferodo wasn't available in the non PP version). I need rear pads, and have a few questions: 1- Does Ferodo make rear pads for the rear non PP brakes yet? 2- How does the Ferodo DS 2500 compare to the...
  5. up4speed

    Michelin PS4S Vs Hankook RS4's for track and street use

    Just for background info. I want a tire that I put on in the summer, and leave on the car to drive (approx 3,000 miles for the summer/track season). I want to drive to the track on track days, and don't want to do tire swaps. I do approximately 5 track days per year only. I want great track...
  6. up4speed

    General JB4 Map6 Tuning Question

    When adding a performance Downpipe, will the car tolerate MORE additive boost, or will it need less LESS additive boost than before the performance downpipe in order to run properly, and not pull timing?
  7. up4speed

    What part of the drive cycle needs to be done to achieve the O2 readiness?

    I am finally installing the Ultimate Racing 400 cell ceramic Catted downpipe this Tuesday (I had it for a few weeks now, but the weather finally cleared up). I am going to be experimenting on using a vibrant spacer, and wanted to try to confirm that the monitor for the O2 will set properly. If...
  8. up4speed

    Is battery reset needed after downpipe install?

    As the title states. I’m going to be installing one when the weather gets better, and was wondering what the best thing to do is.
  9. up4speed

    DSG doing funny things lately

    The DSG started acting weird lately. When I let go of the brake from a stop, it seems to hesitate (normally starts to creep slowly), then bang into gear sometimes (usually once a month, today it did it every 4th or 5th full stop!). I was thinking of doing a battery reset, or maybe even use...
  10. up4speed

    Question Re: Reconnecting battery when I have JB4 on my car

    I am running a JB4 on Map6 currently. If I disconnect battery for maintenance/replacement, etc. Do I reconnect battery leaving the JB4 on Map 6? Or should I reset it to Map 0, before disconnecting, so it starts up on Map 0 instead of Map 6? Does it make a difference? Will the readiness...
  11. up4speed

    Question about 034 MotorSport Inlet Pipe and Elbow (install question)

    I just installed the 034 MotorSport Turbo inlet, and elbow. The install was very simple, and smooth. The hardest part is putting the 034 MotorSport inlet hose on the 034 inlet elbow, LOL. My question is.... After I was done with the install, I noticed that the elbow isn't totally solid. The...
  12. up4speed

    How to classify Stage 1, or Stage 2 Tunes?

    As the title states, what constitutes a Stage 1 or Stage 2? I feel like there are so many variations of aftermarket add-ons, that there are no 2 cars alike! LOL My 2015 (non PP) GTI has (or will have very soon): - JB4 Map 6 (slightly stronger than Map 2) - 034 Turbo inlet pipe and 034 Inlet...
  13. up4speed

    Looking for spark plug heat range recommendation

    Hi guys, Hopefully someone with tuning experience can help me out. When I'm done installing my mods, my engine will have: - JB4 Map6 tune - Front mounted intercooler - 034 intake pipe and intake tube (stock air box and filter) - Ultimate Racing ceramic cat downpipe Which heat range spark plug...
  14. up4speed

    Questions about Ultimate racing Downpipe for my 2015 MK7 GTI

    After a LOT of research, I am pretty much ready to pull the trigger on the UR downpipe, but still have a few unanswered questions that maybe someone here can answer for me. I wanted the least chance of a CEL, and something that isn't obnoxiously loud (but would love to make the farts louder)...
  15. up4speed

    Question regarding O2 spacers on downpipe

    I am looking to possibly get a downpipe for my car, but I'm concerned about getting a check engine light. I know that they make spacers for the sensor to prevent this, but I was wondering how this will affect the way the engine runs? In other words, since the spacer tricks the cars signal from...
  16. up4speed

    Will adding a FMIC affect my handling negatively?

    I ordered a FMIC for my car, so I can track it without worrying about higher intake temps in the summer. However, when I opened it up (I got the ECS Bar & Plate for use with stock IC tubing), the thing felt pretty heavy! I was concerned because the weight is all the way in front of the front...
  17. up4speed

    What are the correct settings for JB4 in my situation? (Stock MK7 GTI)

    I have a 100% stock (engine) 2015 non-PP GTI. I was considering the JB4 for a little power boost, but I'm unsure what settings would be safe. My concern is that I track it, and sometimes it's very hot out as well. I'll typically do 4 or 5 twenty to twenty five minute sessions each day. For...
  18. up4speed

    Question about JB1 module on a fully stock 2015 GTI

    I have 2 questions for those that can possibly help me out. 1) If engine otherwise 100% stock, will my car pass NYS yearly inspection with the JB1 module installed? I'm guessing that it will pass because if I'm correct, the module doesn't even do anything until you use enough throttle to go...
  19. up4speed

    I am considering tracking my car in the near future...looking for suggestions/tweaks

    I am replacing my GTI with another daily driver, so I may keep the GTI as an extra car for the family, city car, train station, etc. But also want to do several track days a year with it. So in other words, I want to track it, but still be usable for daily type duties. I'm not looking to beat...
  20. up4speed

    Does anybody from the Suffolk County LI area have a VCDS/Ross-Tech computer?

    If you do, and are willing to help me out for a few minutes, please let me know. I have a 2015 GTI, and I replaced the intake manifold position sensor. According to the shop manual, I have to do an adaptation in the basic settings to link it with the engine computer. I tried with my OBDEleven...