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    Is it worth buying the pro or next gen obdeleven, or is the standard all you really need?
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    Did I screw up

    Bought a pair of mk7.5 oem led tail lights for my mk7, only to find out there is no none harness or adapter. reached out to a couple of people even zero815 but no answer. Even shop daq has no fix for this yet. Any ideas would be so helpful and greatly appreciated. Ps never impulse buy when your...
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    i purchased a pair of mk7.5 gti oem led tail lights for my mk7 gti But the harness ends are...

    i purchased a pair of mk7.5 gti oem led tail lights for my mk7 gti But the harness ends are different. Everyone is pointing to you as the man with the answers. What harness do I need and what coding? Thank you for your time ps these are North America leds not Euro
  4. NineInchNail

    Mk7 to mk7.5 led tail lights

    I bought a pair of mk7.5 led tail lights for my mk7. What kind of harness or adapter do I need to get in order for it to work? Will it work?
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    Thank you
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    What’s the best fitment for an 18 inch rim, also if you go 9.5 on the width does that cause any issues? Trying to get the best look with an 18 inch rim without any rubbing, Thanx
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    Wheel hop

    Can’t argue that
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    Mk7.5 oem taillights on Mk7

    Will mk7.5 oem tail lights fit and work properly on a mk7, or do you need a different harness or adapter?
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    Wheel hop

    What’s the sure fix for ending wheel hop upon takeoff. Rather have tires spinning than the car sounding like it’s gonna blow up
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    Vwr springs

    Has anybody had any issues with vwr springs on their stock struts for a mk7. Hows the ride quality and over all experience?
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    What’s the proper wheel size for the flush look if ur running 18 inch wheels. How much offset
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    Creaking subframe

    Had the same thing done by VW but it was only a temporary fix
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    Creaking subframe

    Same exact issue with me on driveways or speed humps. i might look into the front sway bar or install a dogbone to see if it helps out because vw dealers are just wasting my time
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    Creaking subframe

    Only happens at times during speed humps, or when going up driveways on an angle. No noise over potholes. The sunroof problem also happens but only during cold weather when the rubber stiffens up. On warm or hot days, no sound what so ever.