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    OEM GTI suspension and rear sway bar - free

    I'll take the front strut springs and pay for shipping and packaging
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    Aftermarket clutch

    It's for my tdi 6 speed. I thought they were the same setup. I'll be adding the cr190 turbo
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    Aftermarket clutch

    Has anyone had to replace their clutch yet? I've wanted to get a single mass flywheel, but can't find any conversion kits. I'm also worried a new factory clutch won't hold if I need to tow a jetski
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    Mk7 TDI clutch

    Is there any difference between the 6 speed clutch system in the gti and the 6 speed clutch in the tdi?
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    PS4S make offer.

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    PS4S make offer.

    I paid 420 new. Make an offer
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    PS4S make offer.

    They've been at most 35psi. Keep in mind this is brand new
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    PS4S make offer.

    Racine wi
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    PS4S make offer.

    245/40 R18 Michelin PS4S with 6/32 of tread. Im looking to go wider when i get my new wheels.
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    Oh i thought you got the oem one
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    Thanks for following up. Do you have numbers and cost for these parts? I'm not sure if they'll work on my mk7 but I'll sure try.
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    WTB: stock Alltrack springs

    I have some in my garage, maybe 17k on them
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    Yup. My favorite parts guy left though, he used to give me better pricing than rockauto
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    Had my windshield replaced...

    My windshield has been messed up since i bought it. Now the big question, how much extra is it for this glass?
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    I've been looking into adding the gti style spoiler to my tdi. Is the only difference from my tdi the side flares and brake light area, or is there a bigger spoiler that goes over the trunk frame too? Can i even add this? Dealer doesnt have a clue.
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    Gti rear springs - $50 Alltrack springs and struts - $120 Picked up or pay for shipping. Located in SE Wisconsin.
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    Line out converter?

    I was starting to think that, as much as id hate working up there it's gotta be done. Thanks
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    If it falls through let me know
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