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  1. swcrow

    ISO: Air Ride Parts

    Gonna piece this together a little at a time. Hit me up if you are letting stuff go
  2. swcrow

    Garmin Dashcam 67w Install Thread

    *EDITED-rerouted power cord to avoid airbag* I just installed my Dashcam and wanted to post this, as I scoured multiple random threads looking for all the info I needed, and am hoping to save others the pain. Many thanks to Diggs24 and imthanick _a with some pointers and links I needed...
  3. swcrow

    Hardwiring a Dashcam that has USB for Power-How?

    My new Garmin dashcam67w came with a USB wire for power.......come on Garmin....what the crap? How do you turn a USB cord into a power cord? I used a spare USB cord to cut up and see the innards and I also read google and youtube instructions. The wires within the USB are STUPID small and I...
  4. swcrow

    Need help tracking a 1929 Ford down in Idaho!!

    Yes, I know this sounds weird, but had to throw this out. I’m searching for my dad’s original ‘29 Ford that he built in high school in the 50s. He had to sell it in order to go to school (University of Idaho), joined the Army and left for decades. A recent picture is below, and I believe it...
  5. swcrow

    Cleveland Happenings 4-6 June?

    I'm headed towards ya'll this weekend....driving in from VA....and will be near the Garrettsville area for a few days. Anything going on Friday or Saturday? What is good to go see in Cleveland while there? Rock and Roll museum? Ideas welcomed!
  6. swcrow

    East Coast Pipeline Down Wonderful. VA is starting to feel it and now e'rybody is out fueling up.
  7. swcrow

    WTB: Foam spare tire know...that holds the spare tire?

    I was an idiot and threw mine away....anyone have one laying around?
  8. swcrow

    Taxes.....Filing, Amending and Owing happened. I literally filed my taxes, was looking at a nice return, THEN got a 1099-R I had completely forgotten about from Jan of last year eliminating some debt using an old life insurance policy. So........ I went back into turbotax and started to amend my taxes...
  9. swcrow

    ISO: Roof Rack Fork Mount Bike Tray compatible with OEM bars.

    My rockymount jetline got lost in the mail. My OEM forkmount couldn't be ordered as it's the Canadian market and unavailable. Anyone have one laying around or one they aren't using?
  10. swcrow

    EQT coilovers - an honest review

    I had to do a write up for anyone considering going with EQT adjustable coilovers, as I just had mine installed and can’t say enough how impressed with them I am. Many thanks to Will_ and Doge with answering my many PMs about FTG, settings and thread count, which helped me make my decision...
  11. swcrow

    Anyone need OEM '18 SE suspension? - SOLD

    Mine is coming off on Friday....31k on it, so literally brand new. Will let go for cheap, or I'm trashing them.
  12. swcrow

    FS: Coverking Coverbond Custom Car Cover - 2018 Volkswagen GTI (7th Gen, with shark fin antenna)

    Bought from Autoanything this past July, so 7 months of usage. I'm moving to house with a garage finally, and need to get rid of things I won't need anymore. This has been meticulously maintained for a car cover.....always fully dried out before removing and storing. Stored in my trunk or...
  13. swcrow

    FS: Ross Tech VAG COM VCDS - unlimited VINs

    Setting for a buddy Ross Tech VAG COM VCDS...It’s the previous model with unlimited VINs. Bought new, but he sold his Audi. Comes with dedicated laptop; bundle price $250 plus shipping. Will ship from Grants Pass Oregon. Dell Latitude with windows 10. Will come with all original paperwork.
  14. swcrow

    VA Coilover Install Needed

    So this forum isn't the most alive, but I thought I'd throw this out. Shops are asking quite a A LOT to install coilovers. Is there anyone that has installed coilovers on a mk7 (non-DCC) and is up for some side work to install mine when they come in? I'll drive to you and bring...
  15. swcrow

    Audio Newb....Need direction for sub/amp combo

    Local VW enthusiast is going to be hooking me up with a custom box, but is waiting on me to select the sub and amp before he can start designing. I'm only looking for this amp to power the sub, so looking at a mono amp and a 10" sub. What I'm leaning towards is a JL 10W0v3-4 sub and a Kicker...
  16. swcrow

    WTB: LC2I and Powered subwoofer

    Scouring CL and FB marketplace....nothing or nothing trusted. I do not have the fender system, so I'll be wiring this up old school. Anyone have an Lc2i laying around? Powered subwoofer? Need a Christmas time mod to work on.
  17. swcrow

    Trusted Indie Shop by State Thread We have a member by state thread, so why not a trusted shop by state thread?!:p Quite a few of us, on a daily basis, get asked for recommendations from other members, on finding a trusted shop...
  18. swcrow

    Celebrating Thanksgiving one? What are you gonna do?

    So I have an only child and we count on getting together with family so the cousins can all get together and have fun (I never had that growing up, so awesome to see relationships like this develop), buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, with everything going on, getting together with my wife's parents...
  19. swcrow


    Sold Love the look of this wheel, but working from home + bored = changing things my buddies call me a wheel whore, soooooooo.......I go through about 2 sets of wheels a year for fun. Bought these brand new through Urotuning; I ceramic coated the inside/outside before mounting new...
  20. swcrow

    What’s in your trunk?

    Searched but didn’t find past lives (b5.5, mk2/3/4/6) I carried a CRAP ton of extra parts, ranging from coil packs to RTV and zip ties. As I got older and more reliable makes.... it changed from parts to tools and EMT stuff. Me? Med kit, 550 cord, a few trash bags, torque wrench...