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    Oil leak?

    golf gtd mk7 2013 DSG HI all ☺️ So every now and then I get a smell of oil in the cabin when driving (not all the time and it’s hard to pin point when or how) And since I bought the car a few month ago I filled the oil up and it’s already to the 1/4 mark (in around 2 months) So I cleaned the...
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    Can someone identify this part please

    Golf gtd mk7 2013 model right hand drive hi all, I’m trying to identify the part that sits directly behind the egr cooler. It has 2 ports on it for cooling water to connect to, just not sure what it is. Ive attached photos but it’s hard to actually take a photo of it as it’s well merged in...
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    Gargling noise in cabin

    Hi guys -63 plate golf mk7 GTD Yesterday I noticed a gargling / water running sound whilst in my car yesterday So I googled and forumd etc and it looks like it’s related to the coolant I believe. So I opened the coolant tank slowly while hot, and little to nothing in there! so I left it to...
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    Headlight general info please

    63 plate GTD Can someone give me an idiots guide to exactly which light does what in the headlight array of lights please? also I previously posted a link about an light bend error, this has now been ‘fixed’ with a new module and some codes I’m told.. but I can figure out how cornering light...
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    Boot floor colllapsed

    Hi all, hope this is the correct sub section to post in. My boot floor has collapsed in the middle, it’s on the highest setting but it doesn’t seem like it has enough support from underneath, even if I get a new one I can’t see how it would even take the weight of a bag of sand. Am I missing...
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    Error bend lighting (AFS) please help

    Hi guys Ive got GTD mk7 golf and I have the error: bend lighting (AFS) error, I’ve searched on Google and all the forums but they all push you towards the lamp being blown, the passenger corner light isn’t working but all rest on that side are The drivers side corner light is working as with...