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  1. imthanick_a

    Tiguan Hatch won't open

    I've got a 2017 Tiguan S, no power lift gate, and it wont open. almost like the button isnt working. anyone know why this would happen? We've been getting some heavy rain so maybe the rain somehow got in and is causing problems?
  2. imthanick_a

    Write your elected officials to protect motorsports EPA is trying to ban our hobby, make sure you write your congressmen/women about it.
  3. imthanick_a

    e30 5.9 magnum swap

    Finally beginning my dream of building a car. I have a basically free, running 5.9 magnum 360 from a coworkers 01 Ram with 40k miles, so that will be the powerplant. Chassis is an e30: 1984 BMW E30 325e Transmission, im not sure of yet. I know there are magnum engine to chevy trans adapters so...
  4. imthanick_a

    2017 Tiguan Engine tick/knock

    So my 2017 tiguan with around 50k miles has a really loud ticking sound when running, mostly when cold and noise follows the RPM. My MK7 GTI has a similar noise but its normal (lifter tick), on the tiguan its way louder. Ive heard these engines cam followers go out or maybe it is normal lifter...
  5. imthanick_a

    '98 Camry 3.0 V6 1MZFE engine

    Probably won't be any takers here, bigtime longshot, but... I have a 98 camry with the 3.0 V6 1MZFE engine in it. The car itself is an Ohio car so its rusted as all hell but the engine and transmission run like a top. 230,000 miles on it, gaskets were replaced about 50k ago. I've read that...
  6. imthanick_a

    Northern michigan driving roads

    I'll be in northern michigan for a bachelor trip in July and was wondering if theres any good mountain roads to go for a spirited drive on? I'll be at shanty creek golf resort
  7. imthanick_a

    WTB P3 multi-gauge

    As title says, I'm in the market for a P3 Gauge for my 2016 GTI. I'd like one with the analog boost sensor and track pack, but not a deal breaker if they dont have it. MAP is having a sale (link in the vendor classifieds) and it reminded me that I want one badly but can't afford to spend that...
  8. imthanick_a

    Betel Nuts

    A coworker just gave me some of this "miraculous, organic nut" that since he started chewing after the Indian fellas recommended to him and imported some for him that since he started chewing them, he smokes half as much and lost 40 pounds. I always wondered why his breath smelled like urinal...
  9. imthanick_a

    Cheapest downpipe I've seen yet

    Anybody brave enough to try it?
  10. imthanick_a

    Has anybody had a good experience with safelite?

    As the title says My windshield got cracked yesterday when a Ferrari 458 flung a rock into it. Theres not many auto glass shops around my area so I may have to go the Safelite route, but I keep seeing horror stories about how bad they are. Has anybody had a good experience with them? I know...
  11. imthanick_a

    Android Auto update killed Android auto functionality

    The most recent version of Android auto completely killed Android auto on my Galaxy S7/car. Instead of opening with Android auto, it tried to open using mirrorlink and samsung car mode (which i soon found out is hot garbage). So after struggling to set up samsung mirrorlink and car mode in stop...
  12. imthanick_a

    Check your coolant!

    Hey everybody, if you're about to get hit with this big cold blast, don't forget to test your coolant to make sure it is still "good" down to the temps on the forecast - especially if you have an older car that hasn't been flushed in a while. A tester is like 3 bucks - much cheaper than an...
  13. imthanick_a

    Performance air filter testing Take it for what it's worth. I don't want this to turn into another CAI debate since this is not what the video is about, but definitely supports the findings of people with drop in filters For those who don't wanna watch, summary is a K&N filter added about 2-3%...
  14. imthanick_a

    Should I buy a Crown Vic Police Interceptor?

    So I'm looking to buy a car to replace my Camry for the winter. It's becoming too rusty and broken to bother to continue fixing, so its time for an upgrade Looking at a low budget here of 5k, I don't want to finance because I already have a car loan, student loans, and mortgage to pay off and...
  15. imthanick_a

    DCC shock/strut replacement

    Could not easily find a thread on this so I made one. I just crossed the 40k mile mark, and am getting near the time I want to lower the car with springs. Lowering springs + old car = new shocks/struts. Looking into shock/strut options, all I can find that are compatible with DCC are the...
  16. imthanick_a

    Sonax upholstery cleaner $7 deal (68% off) 10/5/18

    Mods, please delete - sale expired
  17. imthanick_a

    Loud "ticking" sound under hard boost

    As in the title, I am getting a loud ticking sound when under hard boost. It's usually only above 40 mph or so, I'm trying to pinpoint the rev range and boost reading when it happens. I get some compressor surge and then the ticking sounds, usually only does it once but today I started getting 3...
  18. imthanick_a

    New mk7 golf and sportwagen recall Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  19. imthanick_a

    Apartment policies and cash grab - WWYD

    Just curious what other people would do in my situation - I know what I'm going to do but want to see other points of view TL;DR: My apartment is making me pay for renters insurance and the garage I don't use, for an apartment that I no longer have any belongings/residence in. Story time for...
  20. imthanick_a

    Lemon Powered VW I.D. R

    Or lemon powered clickbait if you want to look at it that way. Still a cool video