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    Anyone got Enkei TS-7 wheels?

    I've googled, searched the forums, and have yet to find a photo of the Enkei TS-7 on a MK7. Anyone running these wheels with photos to share? I'm looking at the TS-7 and TFRs on Tire Rack, I dig the 7-spoke design -- but the TS-7 looks a little more stout to me. Also wondering about weight...
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    2018 S H7 headlightbulb replacement help?

    Hey all, I give up. What’s the trick to removing the H7 bulb from the housing on a 2018 GTI S? It’s not matching what I found online YouTube-wise and seems a little different from earlier models. First, the bulb housing remains wired, don’t see how to get more than 4 inches of slack or remove...