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    DSG lever trim replacements

    Thank you both, appreciated.
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    White car black alloys

    OEM, 19 inch.
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    DSG lever trim replacements

    morning all are there are part number buffs out there? I am trying to replace the two inserts on my dsg lever. Both are worn. VW inform me it only comes as a complete unit... +$500 Surely these can be bought separately from the stick? thanks in advance.
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    How to know if you have ACT?

    Hi all, this question maybe limited in audience - possibly only the 1.4 TSI’ers, but, how can you tell if your car has ACT? And if you have it - is there a symbol or light to say it is in operation. I read it’s only at certain speed/load conditions. thanks in advance.
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    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Hi guys and gals. New mk7 owner here in Singapore. I used to have an Ed30 in the UK and was on the mkV forum too. reading all the posts regarding VCDS got me thinking, if the cars are able to perform such tasks from the factory, why dont VW enable such features at add it to the specs? They...
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    Morning all, anyone from Singapore on here? Or ithere a more suitable forum? majority of you from the US and the A? cheers