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  1. Daks

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Jim, are you going to the ufc tonight?
  2. Daks

    The COVID19 SCAMdemic...Slow Driver Gtifan Compensates Lap Times By Hurling Insults on Internet

    How do you explain the current president of Kosovo, whom was the leader of the KLA (an organization no different from the Taliban) - being sent to The Hague for war crimes? NATO broke the UN charter when it decided to bomb a sovereign state. Tony Blair has seen more dick ends than weekends.
  3. Daks

    Hard to shift gears

    It's the post that he gave you above, that's what's wrong.
  4. Daks

    Replacement Shift Boot Trim *Nevermind*

    Thin double sided tape. Only way to roll.
  5. Daks

    2021 GTI México

    I love seeing the car in different cultural contexts.
  6. Daks

    Mk7 TDI clutch

    Yes, big differences. It's a completely different clutch.
  7. Daks

    June issue Car and Driver magazine Mark 8 on the cover!

    It looks more than Mazda red, it actually looks like a Mazda 3.
  8. Daks

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Jim - don't.
  9. Daks

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Jim is 70+ how could his not be sagging?
  10. Daks

    Blue smoke after Idling

    My whole life is super unique man....
  11. Daks

    TPC38 / EQT Starting Map.

    I know Uni is OTS, but any time I've contacted them they've been super responsive: both phone and email. UM on the other hand, with my old car, not so much.
  12. Daks

    Pollen Mayhem!! Big problems In my CAI !

    Crazy pollen this year in Toronto, intake is clean.
  13. Daks

    2019 IS38 GTI going Ethanol

    We simply don't have it in Canada.
  14. Daks

    Air Conditioning Half Works

    I’m having the same issue - anyone recharge the system themselves with one of those kits?
  15. Daks

    Gbot's 19R Build

    He’s going K20.
  16. Daks

    I just went Stage 1 Unitronic on my 2016 Golf 1.8T and I have a few questions

    #1. Yes, 15km is too long in my view, to begin with. #2. No, only sound. #3. No, your tune was developed for stock plugs, keep on using stock plugs. I am stage two on stock plugs. $100 for an oil change with LM is a good price.
  17. Daks

    What's next?

    OP - we are around same mods - mounts are next for me, for what it is worth.