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  1. RennWerks

    Anybody have a possible Iabed Rear Main Seal leak after less than 20k miles and 2yrs?

    It's the parts suppliers, fellows. There are two components that routinely fail on Volkswagens, clutch components (RMS, TOB) and waterpumps. Some owners never experience a problem with either; others experience both more than once. Could VW AG demand better parts and replacements from their...
  2. RennWerks

    Golf R mk.8 review.

    Mike, I'll see your Golf R on Harry's Garage (Harry Metcalf) and raise you one GTI Clubsport review by Joe Achilles: . (And you have to admit, Mike, the Clubsport is the gearhead's car.)
  3. RennWerks

    Should I sell my gti now?

    This ^. Two days ago I sold a Honda Ridgeline RTL to Carvana for $1200 more than I paid for it (taxes, etc.) in Feb. 2019. They also came to get it within 24 hours of their online quote and paid for it via electronic transfer within 13 hours 20 minutes of picking it up. The "appraiser" never...
  4. RennWerks

    ***Update****Add me to the statistics (Water Pump fail and Sunroof creak)

    Decades, actually. I bought one of the first 300 Golf Rabbits sold in the U.S. in 1974. Its first water pump died at 30k; the second at 60k. Nothing changed in the intervening years except you can't see the water pump now without crawling around under the car, and it takes six hours to...
  5. RennWerks

    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    You're right, Charlotte, that's what Thomas said. Which works out to $4534.00 (U.S. dollars) today. Carlos' post (#361 above) quotes 3100 Euros ($3798) for the option. A lot, in either case, IMHO.
  6. RennWerks

    2022 Golf R - 315HP 310lb/ft TQ

    WRT post #349, Autogefuel's review of the R: Three thousand Euros for the Akrapovic exhaust! Sorry, but that's nuts. [Edit: I misspelled "Autogefuehl" above. And, yes, I realize and appreciate the fact that the Akrapovic exhaust is titanium and (let me add) exceptionally well manufactured...
  7. RennWerks

    Chicago Auto Pros - interesting vlog mini series on GTI engine problems.

    I watched these two videos a couple of days ago. The takeaway for me was how bloody expensive it is (or can be) to fix a broken GTI these days. NLT $5K for a salvage motor of unknown quality? Ten thousand dollars for new OEM motor and another $2k to install it? I don't doubt the poster's...
  8. RennWerks

    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    Somewhat off topic, but I found CarPervert's spontaneous comment -- "The Germans are so neat with their gardens" -- insightful and amusing. Correct, too.
  9. RennWerks

    How could I make my Gti MK7 Faster?

    Oh, to be 16 again . . . .
  10. RennWerks

    VW ID4 (electric “suv”)

    Well . . . since you asked . . . I'll be kind to those behind the decision to introduce the ID4 to the North American market and not the ID3, and say simply I'd be all over the ID3. And the Buzz. Especially the Buzz. I have no interest whatsoever in the ID4.
  11. RennWerks

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    Anyone have any insight as to when 2021 GTIs will be available? In this regard, I assume there will be another year of Mk7.5 GTIs sold in the U.S., and that Mk8s won't begin to arrive until very late in 2021 as 2022s So, to repeat myself, any idea when the 2021 Mk7.5s GTI will first be...
  12. RennWerks

    Wheel Repair

    I agree. Any attempt to hand-sand the damaged area (even with 800 grit) will simply mar more of the clearcoat. Were I you, I'd touch up the scuffed area with clear fingernail polish and call it a day. It won't be perfect, but it will give you a "five-footer" repair that will be relatively...
  13. RennWerks

    Buying golf R mk7

    Swanny, I assume you're searching for a previously owned R? (I ask because I'm pretty sure -- having searched -- there aren't any new ones available.)
  14. RennWerks

    Canadian Golf R's

    There are several credible websites with helpful links that explain what is required to import an automobile from Canada. This one, for example:
  15. RennWerks

    So something is trying to get me to leave VW but i keep fighting back,

    SloppyGTI, FWIW your experience isn't unique to Volkswagens or Volkswagen dealers. You can go over to the Porsche board (, or any other board for that matter, and find examples of the same sort of incompetence and neglect. IMHO, the fault inevitably lies with the owner of the...
  16. RennWerks

    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Actually, I believe the effect of low oil pressure is it leaves the intake cam in an advanced position, which results in a diluted intake charge that is insufficient for combustion. In other words, pre-"fix," there was insufficient oil pressure to retard the cam. Also, I don't think any of...
  17. RennWerks

    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Yep. 😁 Me, I'm in equipoise. If 0W-20 works, it works. I, however, am a Luddite. I'm sticking with 0W-40.
  18. RennWerks

    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    Couldn't open it. Excellent article! As engine rpm fails off, there's a concomitant decline in oil pressure, which, in turn, in an EA-888 engine retards the cam timing. Ultimately, without sufficient oil pressure, the engine stalls. Consequently, maintaining sufficient oil pressure is...
  19. RennWerks

    2019 GTI 6MT Stalling Issue

    I've followed this issue fairly closely, and I haven't read a post here or elsewhere in which the poster indicated s/he'd experimented with a higher viscosity oil and continued to experience engine stalling. I have seen several to the contrary, however. I'm not saying you're wrong, but if you...