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  1. Jones_7r

    LED tail light (reverse bulb)

    Does anyone know what bulb size is required for the GTD/GTI/R LED tail light reverse bulb? Want to upgrade them from halogen to LED bright white. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Jones_7r

    Golf R LED tail light tint

    I've already got some GTI/GTD LED tail lights which will be fitted this coming Monday. I'm considering getting them tinted slightly to replica the R tail lights. I was curious what the tint percentage for the Golf R tail lights are? Be great if someone could let me know. Sent from my iPhone...
  3. Jones_7r

    Xenon Headlights

    I've rang up Volkswagen parts today mainly to find out whether the GTD/GTI/R headlights (LED DRL + Xenon projectors) could be retrofitted to the Golf GT. However, it comes to a great expense! I know what the responses I'm going to receive by mentioning this. I'm wanting to get nice crystal...